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The September 2015 Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

9-15 Cover Gazebo Gal 3x4 copyThe September 2015 Horizons Magazine is now online at     Here are the September 2015 Horoscopes by Barbara Lee:

Aries: May 20 to April 19 “I Am“
This is the month you have been waiting for if your energy has been dragging, not interested in finishing those household to do lists. The stars are lining up your planets just right in order for you and everyone else in your house to get things done, the right way.

Taurus: April 19 to May 20 “I Have“
Whatever you are being guided to do, it will be important to trust your intuition leading up to the Harvest moon (Sept 27th)and beyond. Focus on what brings you joy and happiness and accentuate your strengths. You need to be a pillar for those around you, especially children.   Continue reading

Stop trying to get people to see it the way you see it

cat dragged alongStop trying to bring others with you. Stop trying to bridge the gap for those who have a different understanding than you. The less you care about how many others are up to speed with you, the more likely you will find a place of allowing. Stop trying to get people to see it the way you see it. Especially if you think it’s for their own good. Yes, you create your own reality and there’s a word we’d like to insert that will make it easier for you to understand. You create your perception of reality. You create your perspective of reality, your vibrational ability to see reality. You realize reality based upon what you’re doing vibrationally. Your perspective is uniquely yours and so is your experience.  Continue reading

Last week I kept my “happy” symbol in mind and was rewarded

Andrea's symbol for happy

. . . This is Andrea’s symbol for happy . . .

What bounty the last few days. I was surprised by a glorious gift package from a friend with lots of fun and funky treasures. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. Then I no sooner decided to buy storm panels than a friend volunteered to gift me some that he has. My life rocks! Last week I was reminded of a 4 step process using symbols for emotional release and manifestation.  As the exercise directs, I kept my “happy” symbol in mind. If you want to try it –> here’s the process.  To charge it, or prime it with energy and intention , I glance at my “happy” symbol and think to myself what all it means to me. It means being in an environment of happy friends and family dancing around having fun, having all they wish, being surprised with love and gifts out of the blue. Your happy symbol can be a happy face. Use whatever is easy for you to bring to mind on cue quickly and easily. Then each time during the day I feel happy for any reason, I bring to mind my happy symbol.
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It’s just a tropical storm, prepare but don’t freak out

OK FLORIDA, NO FREAKING OUT. It’s just a tropical storm! We’ll get lots of wind and rain but between El Nino and the full moon Saturday, atmospheric conditions are changing. “Erika overnight winds of 50 mph as it passes between Antigua and Guadeloupe. It is a poorly organized system due to strong wind shear. It is forecast to track W/NW as a minimal tropical storm, perhaps weakening even more so near the US. There is still great uncertainty with the track and intensity but the trend has generally shown the center moving parallel to the east coast of Florida. The cone of uncertainty is very broad and still includes Central Florida, so stay tuned for updates ” Here’s –> Andrea’s experiences with hurricanes

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Why do you pay me big bucks then not do what I suggest?

A friend just told me that the IRS is going to audit her business. I thought yay celebration time since I told her 3 years ago I felt an audit was coming up so make sure to keep good records and keep all the receipts together. Oh, except she said she never made time to do that. WTF? Why do you pay me the big bucks and then not do the simple things I suggest?

I guess I said the wrong thing to Medium Allison DuBois

Screenshot from the episode in question courtesy of

Screenshot from the episode in question courtesy of

Oops, well I guess I said the wrong thing to Author/Medium Allison DuBois. She commented on Facebook about a new show she may be involved in and asked for questions. I asked if she thought her mean and bitchy behavior on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills damaged her integrity with the public. It was an honest question, a question asked on Andy Cohen’s WWHL and aftershows years ago and never answered. Apparently she read my message after her flight back from her meeting.  I got unfriended then she commented ‘friends might want to reconsider’ and hashtagged ‪#‎shesjustjealous. ?? I thought I was just asking a question since she’d asked for them. Two friends told me they’d defended me to Allison on the thread and they also got unfriended. I got 14 new friend requests in the next 3 hours, so I suppose that’s where they were from. It was an honest question, but I understand. I guess she’s used to haters.  When I look back at the scene, it’s easy to see that wasn’t her best day. One thing I know is that if there is a goal (or tv show) I’m going after, I’d want to do a quick search within my psyche to see where I may forgive something that’s been left unresolved, no matter how many years back I have to go. We don’t come to the altar to ask for a gift until we’ve forgiven our brother. Floodgates will open like never before.

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How do you hold on to a feeling of alignment?

girl waking upQ: How do you hold on to a feeling of alignment?

A: It’s an art that you practice, the art of being aware of how you feel, the art of being willing to do something about it if it does feel off and it’s about catching it in the early stages. If you’ve come into alignment and then something erodes it a little bit, you can catch that erosion in the early, subtle stages if you are aware of it. That is why you practice being aware of how you feel.

Q: What if you didn’t catch it in the early stages? What if you have momentum going on it already and it’s really bumming you out?
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I’m happy to help you but you’ve got to help yourself

2 kidsI am happy to help people figure their way out. But they have to be working on it too, taking action. Someone asked me for help. I said to report a situation then ignore it, let it go. Instead of reporting it, the story kept being told over and over to different people. Instead of reporting it, a rant was posted on Facebook changing the story I originally got, now alleging a crime, except ‘the evidence got deleted.’  Do not call me unless you’re serious about wanting resolution. Don’t ask friends to do the work for you.

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WWYD? Would you tell a complete stranger what her ‘friends’ said?

ladies 3 olden timesWWYD? I was seated next to a table of 3. I knew they were church ladies as they wore big name badges with their conservative church’s name. As they waited for their 4th, they began discussing, rather meanly, a family problem they heard she’s going through. They could ask her outright “but we all know what a liar she is.” It was just getting juicy when the liar arrived. Hugs and kisses and bless your hearts all around. Two went to the restroom together, and the 3rd woman turns to the 4th and tells her what the other two had to say about her. I almost laughed my soup out of my nose, since she’d been the instigator.  Twenty minutes later I’m about to leave the restroom when “the liar” walked in. I paused for a sign. She came right to the sink and stood next to me. We locked eyes in the mirror. “Your hair is lovely,” she said to me. Was this a test to see if I could keep silent while having such powerful and perhaps life-changing information for her? Or was it spirit giving me ample chance to reveal something that was best known?   Continue reading

How much attention do you give it when someone begins hassling you? How do you nip something in the bud?

This is how you nip it in the bud. This is how you stop it before it has a chance to start.

This is how you nip it in the bud. This is how you stop it before it blows up

The calls this week have been an interesting mix. One friend has been receiving 5-10 hang up calls a day from an unknown caller. She has an idea it’s her ex since she’s recently begun seeing someone new, but she can’t be sure and doesn’t want to change her number. I told her to stop picking up and see if it dies down. Another has received obscene texts from a man who’s been told to not contact her. He has a rep for making inappropriate comments to women, but he’s also had several strokes this year and his brain doesn’t work as it did before. Nonetheless, my friend was outraged. I know this man so I called him to get the skinny. He acted confused and denied it. Then he texted her again. My friend was livid and asked what I suggested she do.    Continue reading