Last week I kept my “happy” symbol in mind and was rewarded

Andrea's symbol for happy

. . . This is Andrea’s symbol for happy . . .

What bounty the last few days. I was surprised by a glorious gift package from a friend with lots of fun and funky treasures. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. Then I no sooner decided to buy storm panels than a friend volunteered to gift me some that he has. My life rocks! Last week I was reminded of a 4 step process using symbols for emotional release and manifestation.  As the exercise directs, I kept my “happy” symbol in mind. If you want to try it –> here’s the process.  To charge it, or prime it with energy and intention , I glance at my “happy” symbol and think to myself what all it means to me. It means being in an environment of happy friends and family dancing around having fun, having all they wish, being surprised with love and gifts out of the blue. Your happy symbol can be a happy face. Use whatever is easy for you to bring to mind on cue quickly and easily. Then each time during the day I feel happy for any reason, I bring to mind my happy symbol.

I use this as my release symbol

I use this as my symbol to release a negative thought

Each time you have an emotion, you’ve got your foot on the gas.  You’re either headed to Happy or you’re headed to Sad.

In the 4 step process, you’re using this emotion to get you down the road to Happy. If I had a negative or sad thought, I’d bring to mind my release symbol — a dove flying free from a pair of hands.

Try it for yourself.  Choose a Symbol for happy and choose a release symbol. Then each time you feel happy, bring to mind your happy symbol.  Each time you have an unhappy or sad thought, bring to mind your release symbol.  Keep note for 30 days what happens in your life.

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