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I Notice My Saturn Return

I’ve been catching up on sending out the astrological transits reports. While I’m doing everyone else’s, I check mine as well. That’s what I mostly use the transits for, to let me know when I’ll be on the other side of challenging times.  Here are some excerpts of my transits for this week.  It’s good to know this one will be over by the end of the week because I have felt unusually restless for no real reason: Transiting Saturn square natal Uranus. You may feel restrictions to your freedom during this period of time, or feel that you want to be breaking away from something, but find yourself unable to do so. Powerful feelings of restlessness may come up for you at this time, but you may feel stifled and unable to cope with them or break out of the rut you feel yourself to be in at the moment. This conflict is unsettling for a time, but it will pass as the transit moves on and eventually diminishes in its influence. What you can take away from the experience is a more focused awareness of your energy for freedom and the search for new horizons, in spite of remaining, and to whatever extent you do remain, in the limitations of your established place in the world. Continue reading

July 23, 2011, Celebration of Life for Rita Karpie

Rita Karpie

Melbourne Beach, FL, Mayor Rita Karpie, passed Wednesday night.  There will be a “Celebration of Life” in her honor Saturday July 23, 2011, at 6:30 pm at the Melbourne Beach Community Center.  Bring pictures, memories and stories.  Rita taught during a 30-year span at Brevard Community College, where she worked full-time as an assistant professor of biology.  She coordinated Indian River Lagoon coastal cleanup campaigns and led students in removing invasive plants from Space Coast parks.   She has always been a dedicated advocate of human rights and environmental issues.  She made positive contributions to the lives of countless students and touched the lives of  the community in meaningful and lasting ways.  She was truly a gift to our community. Rita will be deeply missed. She really did make a difference. Continue reading

The ladies man who presents himself as a guru and a soulmate

Domino has a reputation for being a ladies man who presents himself to fragile women as a guru of sorts. Note: I have never dated this man. At the time of this writing, his typical m.o. is to approach mutual female friends in a spiritual/social setting, and tell them he can heal them of their childhood trauma with his own brand of energy work.  He won’t disclose who he’s formerly trained with nor what technique he uses. He’s a handsome guy, he’s single, he can be charming and witty.  He schedules private and group sessions and the students end up being pitted against each other from behind the scenes with favoritism and outcasting due to sexual relationships he asks them to keep secret.  I know because through the last dozen years I’ve done readings for people who have been involved with him and his classes (including 2 he was “engaged” to) and heard their experience.  Each thought they were planning a future together. He  comes off like a sexual predator, and that is what he’s known for.  When I mentioned it to him once, he laughed if 0ff as being “their problem and maybe that’s what he’s here to fix.”  It’s not my job to police what anyone else is doing nor determine what their karma with anyone might be.    Their own momentum will catch up with them soon enough. I know how tempting it can be to have a handsome, engaging man in front of you spouting spiritual truths and telling you they can heal you.  The chemistry you feel means there’s a lesson to learn.  Chemistry does not necessarily mean you’re found The One.   The lesson might be: if you knew he was doing this with ten other women at the same time, all behind the scenes, saying the same words, making the same plans as soul mates for a future together, would that impact his value to you as a teacher?  If all the rest was a lie to keep you as a paying student he could have sex with, is the lesson worth the weekly tuition? Just some food for thought.

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Keeping it in perspective

My friend Katie Randall wrote on Facebook yesterday, “I was going to complain about how hot it is… then I realized that: 1.) it isn’t 115+ degrees;  2.) I’m not 7,200 miles from home;  3.) I’m not dressed in ACUs and helmet and carrying 70+ lbs.;  and 4.) there is very little chance that anyone will shoot at me or that I might drive over a bomb in the road today!”  Having a husband in the military sure gives you some perspective. Continue reading

Some thoughts on hair and spirituality

1987 short hair!

Wayne wirs wrote at The Hair Conundrum (or Why Spiritual Seekers Shave Their Heads) “To most women, hair is an accessory.  To most men, hair is a part of their identity.  To the devote spiritual seeker, hair can be a real pain in the ass.”  I  agree.  For a few years during the 70’s and 80’s, I lived in communities where 75% of the community shaved their head every 3 days as a spiritual practice.  I have an American friend in Korea who is a Buddhist monk, and their practice is to shave on each day with a 3 in it, 3-13-23-30.  To the Buddhists, the shaving of the head is a symbolic act of humility, a method for leaving the ego behind, a sign that the being has left the householder lifestyle and entered the life of the renunciate and contemplative.  The closest I ever came to it was in 1987 when I cut my hair way, way short after my dad died and I split with husband No. 4.  It was an offering in thanks for both of those being easy transitions.  I have friends that part of their spiritual practice is to grow their hair long and have it cut for Locks of Love each time they get to 10+ inches.

Rev. Marnie Koski has entered immortality

Rev. Marnie Koski

Beloved Rev Marnie Koski served her community for four decades at Christ Universal Church in Merritt Island Florida, 1960’s – 1990’s.    Rev Marnie Koski made her physical transition last evening, July 20, 2011.    She had been living at the Carnegie Nursing Home in  Melbourne. She will be forever loved by all who knew her.  Marnie was truly an ANGEL.  We will miss you greatly, Rev Marnie!

The end of death as we know it
Her perception upon dying

A friend and I talk about dying and easy transitions

A friend is dying.  She’s ok with it.  She’s in her 90’s, she’s had a full and active and happy life.  She has some chronic pain she’s ready to be free of, and a recent fall — and 100 extra pounds — has limited her mobility.  She says she’s ready to drop her robes and take her final walk, to see what’s on the other side of the veil, to discover what adventures the next chapter holds.  And she’s eager for the next chapter.  So eager that we spend much time talking about it.  She knows that we attract what we focus on, so she wants to put herself in a mental place where she’s happy with where she is and yet eager to drop her body for this Earth walk.   Continue reading

I Become the Observer to Fall into Sleep

I stepped outside for a walk at 5:00am after morning meditation and found it was about 70 degrees.  The air felt nice and chilly, a relief from the humid 90 degree days we’ve been having.  l took a walk around the property and then an hour’s nap in the chaise out under the oaks. I love sleeping outside in nature, it really regenerates my body.  Then I raced inside to go to bed for another couple of hours before it became fully daylight. 6:00-8:00am is the best sleep I get. Continue reading

I attract a bad job out of Office Depot

Sunday on my way to church, I ran into Office Depot on Palm Bay Road to quickly drop off  a print order.  As it turned out, they couldn’t check anyone out.   As we stood in line thinking the registers would be up any minute, we all chatted with each other.    About 20 minutes later, we learned all the computers were down.  The clerk took my print order since no computers were involved, and I was on my merry way.  Well, not so merry at that point, since I was now too late to go to either of two churches I was headed.  When I miss church,  I miss a week’s worth of social interaction in person with friends, so I try to go each week.   I stopped by a friend’s place and I told him the reason I was so late.  He told me he didn’t like Office Depot and would never go back to them.  They’d made a big mistake  on a high dollar item he’d purchased, and he did not have a good experience with customer service.  We talked about that for a few minutes before I realized since I just put a print order in with Office Depot and wanted to attract a good experience, I’d better get out of that complaining vibe real quick and turn it around.   Continue reading

I take 2-3 minutes to prepave my day each time I wake up

Last night I slept in my new bed in my new bedroom and, when morning came, it was easy to lie there feeling comfy and do a few moments prepaving how I’d like my day to go.  I do that each morning as soon as I awaken.  I bring to mind whatever is the biggest priority, and I flow a few moments of thought energy toward it.  Today,  since I just finished final layout on the August issue of Horizons Magazine, one priority was to envision a lot of payments coming in.  That’s easy to do since everyone pays on time.  I just bring to mind how good it feels to see the names of friends and clients and advertisers on the checks they send me and how good it feels to have enough money in the bank to pay for everything.  If I don’t have it yet, I remind myself dollars are on the way. On the way from where? Why, from wherever they are right now, of course.

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