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I’m missing Doug and Trish today.

Inexplicably today I’ve been melancholy and missing my friends Doug and Trish who lived next door until they moved in 2005.  I’m not very sentimental but I miss the daily contact with them, even if just a wave hello as we drove by.  We were so tuned in to each other on all levels, I miss that.

Do you really have this or that diagnosis? Keep talking about it and you will.

I talk to a lot of people.   During the day I take Horizons Magazine calls and evenings I do about 40 spiritual consultations or psychic readings a month.   Since so many people tell me snippets of their personal life, it’s easy for me to see patterns that most others wouldn’t.  There are always patterns going on, because we’re all on this path together.  Lately I’ve had several people tell me they’ve been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease or inflammatory bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and Asperger’s.

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Criticism creates separation and decreases your awareness

I stopped by a friend’s book and gift store last week. Domino has been ready for a change for a while.  She found herself in a rut and knew she had to do something different to shake up the shakti, so she changed locations when her lease was up in April.  I walked into the store and was delighted with how it all looked, chimes and ornaments hanging from the ceiling, neat cases full of books and gifts and jewelry and art and music.  The first thing Domino did was apologize for the disorganization, although I saw none.  That’s just her way.  Then she began to tell me all her health problems and all the medication complications she’s having.  That’s her way, too. The problem with her last retail location was that people would come in but not buy, she said.  While I was there, 2 customers came in and browsed and she talked one out of a pricey necklace and earring set because “don’t buy something you’re not happy with that you might be sorry for later.”  She doesn’t realize she does it.  Then she came back and resumed telling me all her woes and that began to segue into pointing out how bad the economy is and I had to stop her in her tracks.  Here we were in a beautiful store in the midst of delightful and fun items available for purchase (and me with my wallet) and the owner has pulled my attention away from all that and made me just want to walk out and be away from the downer chick.  And she doesn’t realize she does it.  So moving hasn’t helped her, since wherever she goes, there she is. Continue reading

What are you dialed in to?

The part of my job I love the most is when someone is seriously trying to figure out what is happening with them, how they attract what they attract and how to identify and stay focused enough to get what they want.   The part I don’t so much like is when I give the same answers over and over and each time Domino acts like he’s never heard it.  When this happens, I remind him he’s paying me by the hour.  I don’t think so much that he keeps asking in order to hear a different answer. I think it’s just that he’s so vibrationally out of tune that he doesn’t hear the words when I say them.  He’ll hear it when he’s ready. Ram Dass said, “When the disciple is ready, a leaf falling is enough. If not, the whole tree could fall on you.” Continue reading

I’ve learned to do what fulfills me

It’s not that I don’t want to do that thing you want me to do, it’s just that I have other things I want to do more.  No, I don’t have to tell you what it is.  Even if it’s just spending time on my own, it’s something that brings me more fulfillment than that other thing does.  Thanks for understanding.  You’re the best.  No, you are.  No, you are!

The planet Mars just moved into my 3rd house

As I checked my astrological transits, I see the planet Mars just moved into my 3rd house.   Mars is the planet of action and the expression of will through activity.  Mars represents strength, determination and achievement.  The third house is the house of communication, local travel, siblings, neighbors and education.  This means I will likely have increased activity in these areas during the 6 weeks of this transit.   The text for this transit reads: “Information comes easily to you and is available for use at this time.  Your communications and thought processes partake of an energetic nature.  During this transit, for about six weeks, you are adventurous and mentally active and may also find yourself inclined toward sarcasm, or there could be verbal conflicts with friends and relatives. You may need to work through being sharp-tongued or possibly indulging in gossip during this period of time. You are also especially dexterous and creative mechanically. It is important at this time to make good use of your available energy, rather than waste it on idle chatter, or in simply attempting to impose your ideas on other people.”   Good to know.  I’ll curb the sarcasm and idle chatter.

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I Study Chiron – the Wounded Healer – in my Astrology Chart

As I printed out my astrological transits report this morning, I began noticing Chiron, since I’ve been doing some Chiron-specific consultations with a couple of friends.  In the natal chart, Chiron is symbolized by the “wounded healer”  and points to where we have healing power as the result of our own deep spiritual wounds, and where we may over-compensate.  I have Chiron in Capricorn in my 9th house.  The 9th house is where we seek the meaning and purpose of Life through: philosophy, religion, higher learning, spirituality, mysticism, inner vision, journeys of the mind, psychic attunement, taking the long view, seeing history and the present from a higher perspective, a sense of humor, observing and connecting widely-divergent ideas and opinions; how we learn about life and its diversity through: study of foreign ideas or foreign cultures or religions, travelling to foreign lands, encounters with foreign people and their differing viewpoints, tolerance of foreign races, cultures, religions, or traditions.  Here is how Chiron shows up in my chart:

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