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Cats Purr For Healing

YinYang Napping

YinYang on her pillow

I had an upset tum Saturday night and all day Sunday, likely due to the big giant Dunkin Donut whole grain bagel I didn’t need to eat. I’d made a sandwich of it with avocado and a slice of turkey and a slice of swiss cheese.   Cheese + bagel the size of my head = big lump of glue moving through my system.  As I laid in bed waiting to feel better – no such luck sleeping through it – YinYang became my bed kitty nurse and helped the time pass. Here she is napping after her shift. Mini-cow to the rescue!

I found this interesting: Cats Purr For Healing:  The type of frequencies that are found in the cat’s purr are good for healing muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries, as well as for muscle strengthening and toning. They are good for any type of joint injury, wound healing, reduction of infection and swelling, pain relief, and relief of chronic pulmonary disease.  The  optimal frequency for bone stimulation is 50 hertz. The dominant and fundamental frequency for three species of cats’ purrs is exactly 25 to 50 hertz: the best frequencies for bone growth and fracture healing.   The cat’s purr falls well within the 20 — 50 hertz anabolic range, and extends up to 140 hertz. All members of the cat family except cheetahs have a dominant or strong harmonic at 50 hertz. The harmonics of three cat species fall exactly on, or within, 2 points of 120 hertz, a frequency which has been found to repair tendons.

No wonder we feel better after napping with kitties.

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Getting Debt-Free, Partners We Attract, Distorted Self-Perception, Embracing Change, Empowering Yourself In Today’s Economy

Earlier this year I liquidated an investment to pay off a few thousand dollars in credit card debt, and felt much freer and lighter after doing so.  I’m not a big shopper and I rarely use credit cards. I feel blessed to have little debt except my home and car, because I have friends who have $30,000 – $100,000 in credit card debt *yikes* Of course, these same friends have the latest computer equipment and the newest electronic toys and a much more social lifestyle than I do. They also earn less income and, interestingly, they also talk lots about how money is tight and they often tell me to visit websites like to secure my own finances, which in retrospect sounds like they are talking to themselves. It reminds me when I made lots less income in my 30’s and I had to have the newest everything. Even if it was a hardship to get it. Having said that, my credit card debt back then never exceeded $5,000, although at that time it seemed like a whole lot. I bought lots more clothes back then, and they often ended up in the back of my closet, unworn. A few years of that and I caught on that I was shopping to fill something within me, something that was never filled by shopping. I’m glad I got the lesson early. I’m excited now, I love having everything paid off – it’s like having a fresh start… infinite potential! Now I’m getting excited about saving up a nest egg, and it’ll be fun to see how much I can get it to grow and to plan really fun things with it. Continue reading

Daily Practice; Cultivating The Inner Experience; How Do We Raise Our Vibration? How To Get Out of a Slump

People often ask me how I keep my life in order while being involved in so many projects, where I find the time to do all that I do. I always tell them that I decide what I want to do, then I make time for it and stay focused on it until I achieve it. Easier said than done, I know. I’m asked so often that I thought I’d share a few thoughts with you.

We spend much time daily doing things we look back on later as such a waste of time, so why not turn some of that time to good use? Daily practice is, for me, the key to so many things. Steady, focused practice on a regular basis. Practicing what, you ask? For me, that’s a variety of things. I do my morning meditation at 4:00 a.m. every morning.  Sometimes I am still awake then, other times I wake up for it.  This private, quiet time alone is invaluable to me.

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11 Fun Steps Guaranteed To Initiate Change And Get You Unstuck

I always have friends who are ready for change in their life, and they ask for suggestions to accelerate the process.  That’s a catch 22 – if you’re asking to accelerate the process, you’re not savoring the Now moments.  If you’re not savoring the Now moments, you can remain stuck where you are for, well, a lifetime.  What works for me every time is to find new fun things to think about, even before changes are made.  What anyone could do who is ready to make a giant change in their life is the following 11 Steps Guaranteed To Initiate Change And Get You Unstuck. Continue reading

The Haunted Chair, De-Activating Thoughtforms, Journeys Out Of The Body, The Monroe Institute Gateway Voyage

The Haunted Chair

Last night I went out to shop for a recliner. I got rid of my last one in 2006 and below is a story about “the haunted chair”:

October 2006: This month, galpal Beth Head and I are doing the Gateway Voyage at The Monroe Institute. We’re driving there and taking the week long residential program. We’re excited about our adventure! My interest was peaked by the books of the founder,Robert Monroe, in Journeys Out Of The Body, Far Journey and Ultimate Journey. Although the institute will tell you that the purpose of the Gateway Voyage is not to give you an out of body experience, they say, “The out-of-body state and tools that may be utilized to achieve this particular state of consciousness are covered in the Gateway Voyage®, but that is only a small part of the program’s overall scope.” They describe the Gateway Voyage as “an on campus six-day intensive program designed to provide the participant with tools that can enable: development and exploration of human consciousness; deeper levels of self-discovery; expansion of one’s awareness; willful control of that awareness; communication with and visits to other energy systems and realities.” Being an explorer of consciousness and having experienced many different dimensions of reality, including the out of body experience, I am excited to take it to the next level. Continue reading

Writers I Like. Counteracting Negative Thoughtforms. Reconciling New Age Shakti with Spiritual Practice

Being self employed and making my own hours in my own business is a real freedom.  That means if I don’t feel like going to work, I don’t have to.  If I want to take off early, I can do it.  since I’;ve been doing it since 1992, I’ve learned what my deadlines really are, and when I really have to work.  Usually, though, I work about 8-12 hours each day simply because I dig the work.  With my paws on the mend from final layout over-doing last week, I took the weekend off from the office altogether, for the first time in a long while.  I simply did not go in at all.  I checked email from my laptop and simply put off anything that required typing.  I didn’t even check voice mail.  Then when I went into the office before 8:00am today, I felt completely refreshed, since I’d had a break from it. Continue reading

Natural Carpal Tunnel Relief After a Car Accident

I’ve been having a bout with the old carpal tunnel syndrome, so have been re-posting writing that I did in 1997 to keep the typing and mousing to a minimum.  I am glad I never had the surgery, and found there are fairly easy ways to keep the carpal tunnel under control without surgery or medication.  I see Dr. David Rindge, my acupuncture physician, for laser therapy when it acts up every few years, and it was his initial treatment after a car accident in 2000 that made me decide to not go the surgery route.  Several months of twice weekly treatments and I felt good as new.  Now, when I overuse them, I know to put my wrist splints on and get off the keyboard.  I don’t grip or hold anything I don’t have to.  I don’t lift anything heavier than a glass of water and I ice my wrists down a few times a day.  The splints stay on all day and all night.  A week or two of this and I’m good as new again.  I also have a violet ray enhancer that I use on it, and it helps free the blocked chi right up.  When this bout is over, I believe my new practice will be to wear the splints every time I am at the keyboard (since I do so many hours of it), and at night as well. I am used to them and they are comfortable enough to ignore.  I also do regular arm and hand exercises, and some light (3 and 8 pounds) hand weight work to stay strong.  No hand weights during the rehab/resting period! Continue reading

Spiritual Memoirs: Eat, Pray, Love and Sharon Janis’ Never to Return

I just got my copy of Eat, Pray, Love in the mail. I get so many review copies that I seldom buy books, ever, but I wanted to see what everyone was so fired up about.  Eat, Pray, Love is built on the notion of a woman trying to heal herself from a severe emotional and spiritual crisis.  Author Elizabeth Gilbert “wanted to explore the art of pleasure in Italy, the art of devotion in India and, in Indonesia, the art of balancing the two.”  I enjoyed the book and, as a former devotee,  I enjoy reading about ashram life.  I spoke with Sharon Kumuda Janis, author of Spirituality for Dummies, and Secrets of Spiritual Happiness, who first contacted me 1998.   She told me since her memoir Never To Return describes her decade living in and serving with the same path that Elizabeth Gilbert wrote about in Eat, Pray, Love, she thinks the time is right to re-release an updated version of her book to ride the wave when the movie  Eat, Pray, Love is released next year. Sharon recorded a version of the Guru Gita, which played a part in Gilbert’s story, and the Diamond Sutra as well.   I told her I’d be glad to help promote her. Continue reading

Keeping a Food Diary Programmed Me to Eat Less, Without Trying

In April, I began keeping track of what I eat and the time I eat it.  Not the calories or the fat grams or the portion size, just a simple list of what went into my mouth when.  Over the past several years, my eating habits have drastically changed.  I keep my fat grams under 40-50 a day.  That way I never have to count a calorie or portion size, ever.  I eat a lot of salads and vegetables to get nutrition from them.  The only processed food I eat is some bread, some pasta and the occasional canned soup.  No cookies or crackers or chips or cakes or donuts or candy bars or that type of thing.  My weight has stayed the same the past 4 years with no effort.  But it wasn’t until I began keeping the food diary that I realized the keeping of it unconsciously programmed me to eat the foods and at the times that I wanted to commit to writing.  I found that interesting. Continue reading