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The Haunted Chair

Last night I went out to shop for a recliner. I got rid of my last one in 2006 and below is a story about “the haunted chair”:

October 2006: This month, galpal Beth Head and I are doing the Gateway Voyage at The Monroe Institute. We’re driving there and taking the week long residential program. We’re excited about our adventure! My interest was peaked by the books of the founder,Robert Monroe, in Journeys Out Of The Body, Far Journey and Ultimate Journey. Although the institute will tell you that the purpose of the Gateway Voyage is not to give you an out of body experience, they say, “The out-of-body state and tools that may be utilized to achieve this particular state of consciousness are covered in the Gateway Voyage®, but that is only a small part of the program’s overall scope.” They describe the Gateway Voyage as “an on campus six-day intensive program designed to provide the participant with tools that can enable: development and exploration of human consciousness; deeper levels of self-discovery; expansion of one’s awareness; willful control of that awareness; communication with and visits to other energy systems and realities.” Being an explorer of consciousness and having experienced many different dimensions of reality, including the out of body experience, I am excited to take it to the next level.

I wrote earlier this year that I found myself spending too much time in my new recliner, so after careful consideration of is-that-what-I want-to-spend-so-much-time doing? I took it out to the curb. Before I even walked away from it, a pickup drove up and the man asked what was wrong with the chair. Nothing, I said, I just don’t have room for it anymore. Not a lie, it’s true I no longer have room in my life for something that encourages me to be inactive LOL.  So he loaded the chair onto his truck and away he went.

His wife claims the chair is haunted

I was walking around the block the other day and saw the same man with the pickup, dragging the recliner out to his curb, and I asked why he was getting rid of the chair. He said his wife claims it is haunted! But, he said, he sat in it every night and it never felt haunted to him. So when his wife saw us talking, she came outside and said when she’d sit in the chair after the kids were down for their naps each afternoon, just as she was falling asleep she would feel “ghosts” hovering around her, moving around and touching her. She said they never did it to her husband or the kids. And that was why they were throwing it away, so none of the kids got in the chair and had something happen to them.

When she sat to relax, invisible helpers thought that was their signal

I walked away thinking that was weird but didn’t think too much else about it, since I am busy with magazine deadline thoughts. Later it occurs to me: usually afternoons were when I would sit in the chair. Since I’ve been preparing for the Monroe Gateway Voyage, all year long I’ve been listening to their audio cds and doing out of body exercises. If I sat in the chair later in the evenings to proof read, I did not do the OOBE exercises. So when the wife sat in the chair in the late afternoons to nap, my invisible helpers must have thought that was their signal to help me out so we could be on our way, only it wasn’t me and they scared her!

Why she got the visitations and her husband did not

Being a busy mother, she might have even had the thought as she reclined each afternoon – “help me out of here!” or “take me away from this!” which the invisible helpers might have taken as a signal it was time to begin a session. Since her husband was in the chair in the evenings, that wasn’t the time I would do OOBE work, so the helpers didn’t come to him. That is what I figured out though, or rather, what came to me in meditation when I wasn’t even thinking about the topic. Maybe they thought I was too busy to make the appointment myself LOL and thought she was my stand-in.

So is it a spirit or a thoughtform attached to the chair?

It makes me wonder what we look like to them though if they can’t tell us apart… I’m just kidding – kind of … I think really it’s just a thoughtform attached to the chair, doing an automatic action whenever someone assumes the position.

You can deactivate a thoughtform

But of course thoughtforms can be deactivated – or deprogrammed from their own source – or exorcised or ghost busted, however you want to label it. But I don’t feel the need to go explain it to the husband and wife ~ I don’t want crosses being burned on my lawn.

Now 20 years ago I would have felt lead to explain it to them and make them understand it. I’ve lightened up considerably since then.  Plus I have to live in this neighborhood  🙂

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