11 Fun Steps Guaranteed To Initiate Change And Get You Unstuck

I always have friends who are ready for change in their life, and they ask for suggestions to accelerate the process.  That’s a catch 22 – if you’re asking to accelerate the process, you’re not savoring the Now moments.  If you’re not savoring the Now moments, you can remain stuck where you are for, well, a lifetime.  What works for me every time is to find new fun things to think about, even before changes are made.  What anyone could do who is ready to make a giant change in their life is the following 11 Steps Guaranteed To Initiate Change And Get You Unstuck.

1. Don’t try to change your thoughts right now on resistant topics such as money or relationship or work or health, because this is not the time to focus on those.  You want to stay lighthearted and take steps to release any unconscious resistance.

2. Look for new things to do. You want to purposely change the energetic pattern you have right now. You want to shake it all up and let it settle back down in a new pattern.

3. Move furniture around at home. I do this every month or so, changing the energy at home so it keeps the chi flowing smoothly. Make yourself a new place to sit and read or listen to cds. From here on, every time you sit in this space, it will be your trigger that you are beginning an internal workshop, an inner cinema treatment, a learning process where you will just relax and listen or read and know that your memory will retain the data you need to retain.

4. Clear out clutter. Freeing up the energy (like old emotional baggage attached to items) will free up some of the blockages in your physical body as well. Trust me, this stuff works. These exercises help you progressively lower your resistant thought. When you lower your resistant thought, the good things you want will begin coming in to you, including restored health and finances. It’s all related. Trust me.

5. Begin a flirtation with someone. The purpose of this exercise is to change your focus to a new direction that feels more fun and lighthearted than where you are right now, and to keep you emotionally focused there several times in each day.

6. Listen to the Abraham-Hicks cds in a place where you can relax. Maybe in a bubble bath with a glass of wine. Maybe setting the scene in your new sitting area, lighting candles, some incense. So, you go into your sitting place and set the scene and listen to the tapes. I think the Abraham-Hicks stuff helps you “get it” the easiest. Plus they are fun and playful to listen to.

7. Try a new cuisine for a week or more. The purpose of this exercise is to bring a new dimension to something you do several times a day. It also gives you something fun to learn. You don’t want to diet right now, right now you’re in the information gathering mode, so just do some new things relative to food that feel interesting and fun.  I began learning about Asian cooking and Middle Eastern cooking, just looking things up on the internet after learning the names of some favorite dishes.  It inspired me to transition to a low fat lifestyle.

8. Buy a new favorite outfit or two. You can’t afford not to. The energy of wearing something new instills a sense of hopeful expectation, of infinite possibilities. The point of this exercise is to have a new “daily energy sweeper” as you move throughout your day.

9. Install a new mirror. Anywhere, any size. I decided last year to replace all my closet doors with mirrors and boy, the energy freed right up! The rooms now look so much bigger and brighter. They definitely feel like there is no stagnation anywhere in the room. Even a small new mirror in the hallway or next to the front door, the height of your face, or face to waist would be perfect. Whenever I look into a mirror, I smile, so this exercise also reminds me to smile.

10. Begin keeping your attention during the day on your ajna chakra or third eye (brow) center. You just want to train yourself to look through that eye also, as you go about your day. To begin to entrain the higher perspective.

11. Do a few minutes of breath meditation each day also, just sit and imagine yourself breathing in thru your heart and out thru your third eye. Nothing fancy. Do it for a few minutes every so often during the day. It will begin change happening to your inner and outer worlds.

And of course, before you ask for change, have a good idea in mind just what your preferred scenario is.  Have even a vague notion of what you’d like to be living instead, so you begin pre-paying that. Don’t just say I hate this.

Then keep your eye out for opportunity, be broad in your intuitive interpretations and be flexible in fielding what comes your way.

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