Writers I Like. Counteracting Negative Thoughtforms. Reconciling New Age Shakti with Spiritual Practice

Being self employed and making my own hours in my own business is a real freedom.  That means if I don’t feel like going to work, I don’t have to.  If I want to take off early, I can do it.  since I’;ve been doing it since 1992, I’ve learned what my deadlines really are, and when I really have to work.  Usually, though, I work about 8-12 hours each day simply because I dig the work.  With my paws on the mend from final layout over-doing last week, I took the weekend off from the office altogether, for the first time in a long while.  I simply did not go in at all.  I checked email from my laptop and simply put off anything that required typing.  I didn’t even check voice mail.  Then when I went into the office before 8:00am today, I felt completely refreshed, since I’d had a break from it.

There are so many good books out there, literally hundreds of books on every subject imaginable. I see my role with Horizons as a gatherer and sharer of information that is already available. A stage on the path of most lightworkers is feeling the urge to write and share their insights with others, “having to get the information out.” I’m always coming across terrific volumes of metaphysical and spiritual insights, some that are new and many that were written long, long ago.

My Favorite Writers
Since like attracts like, I assume that whatever I’m dealing with in my life is also reflected in those who share my experience and life with me, and that they are having the same kinds of challenges and joys that I’m having. So when I come across a teaching or a writer that particularly touches me, I can’t wait to share the info with others. I recommend to everyone I know, to read anything by Abraham-Hicks, Alan Cohen, Doreen Virtue, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Candace Pert, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Ram DassRoy Eugene Davis. These writers all write simply and uplift, without pomp and circumstance, giving us wonderful behavioral guidelines to consider incorporating into our own lives, in order to improve our quality of life and the understanding of those around us.

Airport Layovers
Living in Melbourne, we are lucky to have an airport right here, however there’s always a layover in Atlanta.  I usually love layovers, it means extra time to think or not think, to meditate, to practice radiating love to others, to study energy fields, to offer contrasting thoughts in reply to hearing the often angry and impatient words of weary travelers.

Counteracting Negative Thoughtforms
When I hear angry or critical words, I like to “counteract” their entry into the global mental plane by reversing the thought within my own mind and offering it up, while saying a prayer for understanding for the speaker. When babies are crying and mothers are harried, I kind of nonphysically project myself into the body of the weary mother, and hold her child for her, and cuddle and coo the crying baby, which I then imagine gives a moment of rest to the mother. Whether it really happens or not, I don’t know; but I always witness the child settling down if my full attention is on them.

How Arrogant Can You Get?
Ha! Arrogant of me to think I had anything to do with a baby settling down, by merely projecting thought and intention, huh? Actually, it would be arrogant of me to think that my thoughts didn’t affect other people’s experiences. It would be a scary thought to think that we are at the mercy of what those around us think, except for one awesome and wondrous fact: Your own vibration follows you around everywhere you go, and you are the one in charge of how you think, how you act and how you react in every situation you encounter. You can, through conscious and loving intent, train yourself to strengthen and raise your own vibration, your own frequency so to speak, and thus set the tone of your future experience. And best of all, you shouldn’t need a $300 workshop to tell you how to do it. There are so many wonderful writers out there. Read their words, be inspired and empowered by their words. Reading about the spiritual practice of another always inspires me to deepen my own.

I’m a Woman With a Vision
A friend and I were talking about our goals the other day and I told her, “My main mission in life right now is to reconcile all the “new age shakti” with valid spiritual practice.” To me, this means reading much of what is currently available as far as personal growth and the movement toward conscious evolution, and reconciling it all within my own heart and being able to apply it to my own daily practice. I’d like to see every person empowered to be all they can be. There are men and women around each of us who feel trapped in jobs, relationships, responsibilities, and who are so down-trodden, their lives feel empty and meaningless to them. They feel absolutely alone; they feel unloved, punished and guilty. It is to these I’d like to send dozens of guardian angels, in the physical guise of the people around them, to look into their eyes and at least smile, as if to say, “Hello, friend, I see you in there!”

Power To The People
People deserve to be acknowledged and people deserve to feel they are powerful beings. I smile and wave to road workers that hold up construction traffic to let me pass. I let everyone cut in line ahead of me in traffic, I just laugh and let them all in. When someone looks especially nice, I compliment them, I tell them, “that’s a great dress,” it matters not if I know them. I smile and talk briefly to strangers all the time. As A Course in Miracles says to remember, “with everyone you meet, it’s a holy encounter.” Treat every grocery clerk and bank teller with friendship; send love to the cop who gives you the speeding ticket; honor your landlord’s trust by paying your rent 3 days early. There are a lot of things we can do every single day to make those around us feel more confident, more powerful, more loved.

It’s The Same Struggle
We’re all going through the same challenges, which you know by hearing the stories and complaints of everyone around you. Going through meaning dealing with psychologically and emotionally, what we perceive our “struggle” to be about, what the underlying symbology and remedy might be, how we’re reacting to it, or how we’re dealing with the consequences of our decision NOT to react to it. That’s how so many people approach life, they fail to act when given a choice, and later lament the consequences of having not acted. Yet they fail to act time and time again, and somehow don’t connect the dots to foresee the consequences, or learn how to deal with them.

We Think We Don’t Know
Just as often we think we don’t know something, but in reality it’s just that we’d never before given thought to it. If we spend just a few moments thinking on just about any topic, asking ourselves, “what do I know about this topic,” we might be surprised what information springs forth from within us, information we can verify and validate in any number of ways. We know much more than we think we know.

We also sometimes think we know something, when in fact we don’t know it at all. And to make it worse, we think we know it, so we don’t take the time to contemplate so that we really can know it.

I’m reminded of a story which Ram Dass accounts in his classic, “Journey of Awakening,” about a group of monks who one day noticed that a crazy yogi had climbed to the top of their prayer flag pole, so they surrounded the pole and chanted the Heart Sutra, and coming to the end, said the words, “By the power of our words, we beseech that this evildoer may come down,” at which point the yogi slid half way down the flagpole. They then ended with “By the power of our understanding of these words, we beseech that this evildoer may come down,” whereupon the man climbed again quickly to the top.

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