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I take in Danny Gaude’s little black and white kitty

Danny Gaude died May 19th. He and his mom lived with us when I was a toddler, she baby sat us, he was 12 years older and we’d always kept in touch.  I went down yesterday to help the family sort thru his things to find his will, etc and am going down in a few minutes for the funeral.  He has 4 cats that no one can catch, not that I need another cat but if I can catch any, they may as well live in my woods as his.  I went down today to Danny Gaude’s funeral and took home the one black and white cat. Don’t know if it’s a boy or girl, has a yin personality, a tiptoe tuxedo, is getting used to the house. 5 hours later, she is now missing in action. But I shoved her a few times in and out of the cat door so in case she got out, she would know where she was.   She already stood her ground when my little YinYang growled and snarled at her.  She just stayed halfway across the room and watched her pitch her little fit.  She does that when Izzy walks by also, she hates everyone.  I think she is channelling my mother’s cat Lady, who was the supreme bitch cat of all time.  I found her twice behind the water heater in the garage, and I opened and closed the garage door a couple of times so she knows what that sound is.  My garage door is very loud and scary sounding.  I wish I could settle down, I feel like I have a newborn, wanting to make sure it’s ok every second it’s out of my sight.   I fell asleep about 9pm on the couch and an hour later woke up to Izzy growling at her as she was under the couch.  I got Izzy calmed down and fed and then he just seemed curious.  I think he was letting me know in case some intruder came in while I was asleep at my watch, he was letting me know he found it.  Then I fell asleep for another hour and when I woke up, the cat is no where to be found and Yin Yang is sitting in the living room acting normal.  So I guess the new one is outside somewhere.  I checked the garage but maybe s/he’s hiding wherever s/he was before.  I hope it comes back. I walked around outside to call it.  At least she knows where the food can be found.

Childhood friend Danny Gaude passes

I received this email today” “Dear Friends of Dan Gaude,   I am Dan’s cousin and, it is with the greatest sadness that I inform you of Dan’s passing.  I’m sure that some of you have already heard of this; if you have not: Dan passed away suddenly on May 19th. We’ve organized a memorial gathering from 9:30 to 10:00 A.M. at Aycock Funeral Home, 1112 Military Trail, Jupiter; a brief memorial service will follow at 10:00.  You are all invited to attend. I replied. “Danny and I kind of grew up together.  Dan’s mom was a friend of my parents, and she and Danny lived with us in Hialeah in the 50’s.  Dottie babysat my brother Bobby and me, and Danny probably just caused trouble .  I’m 56 now, twelve years younger than Danny, so when I was 4 and he was 16, I was the little sister.  Danny and my dad bought property next to each other in the Everglades in the 60’s and 70’s and were great friends until my dad passed in 1987.  My brother passed in 1976, my mom in 1996, and Danny and I felt like brother and sister. We talked on the phone every few months to catch up. Danny and Dottie would often go camping with us and that was always so fun.  My parents raised ocelots (like small leopards) and we’d bring them to the campground and they’d draw a lot of attention.  Danny and my dad always took advantage of that and had the cats put on a little show for everyone.  Danny was always the cut up and always had a quick remark.  And those corny email jokes he would forward to us all , now I will miss them. He was loved and will be missed.  I am glad to stay connected to ‘family’.  I will see you Saturday morning.”

Mark at ATT tries to rescue my simm card

I went to ATT to have Mark see if he could rescue my simm card, no luck but while I waited, a woman came in,, yesterday she damaged her Nokia 6102i and they are sending her a Nokia 6555 instead, a later model than mine. I called ATT insurance and asked why I was getting the 6085 then, a much lesser model. I was told to call and ask for a supervisor when I receive my replacement phone and ask for it to be swapped out. Mark told me that when I called the insurance division, the operator pulled up a list of replacement phones and the 6555 was on the list, she just chose the 6555. I didn’t know I had a choice. So that’s what I’ll do.  I’m anxious wanting to get the phone workable before I go to the lightworker’s conference. But now I may just cancel going.  An email to my group: “Hello, yesterday I dropped my cell phone in my soup and lost all the magic secret numbers: back line numbers, home numbers, cell phone numbers, etc.   So if I had yours and you want me to still have it, please email it to me here and include your first and last name to make it easy for me. “

Dennis Hollin makes me drop my phone in my Pho

Great day today, I was in excellent spirits! I delivered Cassadaga today and had lunch with Dennis Hollin, dropped my phone in my soup and have ordered a replacement (the 6085).  I rescued the Simm card out of it but apparently the last year’s worth of numbers were not being saved to it.   I figured out since I have only 53 numbers in it that only the first 53 must have been saved to the card, and the rest saved to the phone.  I will remember not to do that this time.  I had lunch with Dennis Hollin in Orlando (at Little Saigon on Colonial Road/Hwy 50 just east of I-4) on my way back from delivering Cassadaga.

May 23, 2017 If you got to this page by Googling Dennis’ name over a stupid tipsy post he made on Facebook, yes that was stupid but he’s apologized, admits it was completely inapproriate and that he never should have said it.  I’ve known Dennis 20 years. He can blurt out some dumb stuff, but he never means anyone harm.  If you’re drinking at midnight with a crude crowd, it’s easy to get caught up in their lingo. 

5-26-08 email from F:   So Let me make sure I have this right I can burn up bad karma by doing right things and make more karma by gossiping, lying, stealing etc.  My experience is what it is is that the momentum of your good works in the Now will slowly begin to compensate for your selfish or unconscious works of the past.  So If a person meditates quietly it will burn up karma also. because it is being at one with you and God at that moment?

Good question. No, it is that as you meditate and your mind begins to settle down, you will begin to receive guidance as to how to proceed in a different way, what subtle changes to make in your life or your behaviors or your thinking or the people around you, etc.     Continue reading

I sat next to Linda Mathews at the Metaphysicians Circle Sunday meeting and she asked how my journal back to health was doing. I told her I’d dramatically changed my diet and now, 4 years later, had zero problems. Since watching fat grams is basically the only change I made (which cut out meats and fried stuff), she suggested I also cut carbs, always eat a protein with a carb, and pay attention to portion control.  Continue reading

A dream and a discovery about my Toyota Prius

I’m at what I guess is Mom’s house and on a sofa I what I guess is her room and we’re both reading and dawn is approaching so I am preparing to go to sleep, right there on the sofa. She tells me I have to go back to my room to sleep and I asked if I could sleep on the couch in the living room and she says no. she doesn’t’ have to be at work until noon and doesn’t want to tiptoe around me. I get up to walk to my room and look out the window and see a nice landscaped piece of yard, seemingly on the side of a hill, and the red mulch is down and it looks freshly done.    Continue reading

I should clear my desk of work today but think I might want to tackle a giant cleanup in my main office. I put all these neat little white bookcases in here so I could keep papers visible without having a second desk, yet now I have 4-5 little tray tables full of work covering the bookshelves so I can’t even see them.  I find I am too comfortable sitting in a space that slowly becomes a nest buried under a mound of papers.  So maybe this week I will get organized in here.  Then all that is left is organizing my back office.  My closets are all good.   My shed could use some organization but it’s manageable and very little trash or clutter. Oh, wait, there’s my back porch.  I still haven’t folded my tent up properly and put it back away.  It’s on the back porch dry and folded on the table.  The back porch gets real dirty because all the pollen from the oak overhead seeps in through the screen and settles on everything.  Then the cobwebs appear, then dustbunnies.  I slept all night on the couch and moved sprinklers around when I woke up.  I cooked some chicken for dinner and some rice.  I love a rice cooker!  I put chicken strips in the freezer when I get them and then a couple of hours later I cut them into like 1-2″ cubes and freeze in the portions I want. Because I’ve learned I will eat whatever I cook, 4 oz or 16 oz.  So I have the thawed chicken cubes in a big baggie and I open it up and throw a bunch of white flour in it, and about a tablespoon yep tablespoon for every 4 oz I’d say garlic powder, and maybe a half teaspoon each of salt and pepper, cumin, thyme, cinnamon, maybe some paprika and a pinch of red pepper if I’m feeling frisky.  Then I blow air into the baggie as I close it up, then shake it all around and then let the air out and squish the flour into the chicken real good.  Then I put 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a pan and saute the chicken in it.  It’s the thing I cook and eat that by far has the most fat.

I just got the June Horizons to the printer.  I also just cleaned out my garage and shed and dropped many things off at Fellowship church parking lot 965 Malabar Road SW, I first took them to Our Lady of Grace at direction of today’s Florida Today article.  However, the woman who answered the church phone said they were no longer a shelter nor a drop off point for the fire victims.  She gave me the number to call The Sharing Center.  Dave answered the phone at the Sharing Center, I told him where I was, and asked where I could take my items.  He sent me to the Fellowhsip Building , a few blocks due west, for dropoff.  I was almost back up to it and could tell the man in the van in front of me had a group and was also going there.  The place looked deserted,,except there was one box spring and mattress laying next to some dropped off clothes and hundreds of cases of bottled water.  I left my stuff there, hoping my childhood teddy bears would give comfort to some kids.  I needed a new toaster oven, so I cleaned mine up and boxed it up and bought another on the way home from dropping off to the church.  Also about a dozen shirts each size for teenage boys and younger and some old shirts and pants of my father-in -law’s. Also I put a windchime in each box and some new fresh unwapped chapstick. I wonder where they should all really be dropped off. Well, Spirit will get them to the right people.

Just finished the June mag *yay* oh hey I filled the tank for the second time in my Toyota Prius, it took $25 and I got 41 mpg on the first tank.  And I do 80 mph up and down I-95 each week *I’m stoked*