Dennis Hollin makes me drop my phone in my Pho

Great day today, I was in excellent spirits! I delivered Cassadaga today and had lunch with Dennis Hollin, dropped my phone in my soup and have ordered a replacement (the 6085).  I rescued the Simm card out of it but apparently the last year’s worth of numbers were not being saved to it.   I figured out since I have only 53 numbers in it that only the first 53 must have been saved to the card, and the rest saved to the phone.  I will remember not to do that this time.  I had lunch with Dennis Hollin in Orlando (at Little Saigon on Colonial Road/Hwy 50 just east of I-4) on my way back from delivering Cassadaga.

May 23, 2017 If you got to this page by Googling Dennis’ name over a stupid tipsy post he made on Facebook, yes that was stupid but he’s apologized, admits it was completely inapproriate and that he never should have said it.  I’ve known Dennis 20 years. He can blurt out some dumb stuff, but he never means anyone harm.  If you’re drinking at midnight with a crude crowd, it’s easy to get caught up in their lingo. 

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