I take in Danny Gaude’s little black and white kitty

Danny Gaude died May 19th. He and his mom lived with us when I was a toddler, she baby sat us, he was 12 years older and we’d always kept in touch.  I went down yesterday to help the family sort thru his things to find his will, etc and am going down in a few minutes for the funeral.  He has 4 cats that no one can catch, not that I need another cat but if I can catch any, they may as well live in my woods as his.  I went down today to Danny Gaude’s funeral and took home the one black and white cat. Don’t know if it’s a boy or girl, has a yin personality, a tiptoe tuxedo, is getting used to the house. 5 hours later, she is now missing in action. But I shoved her a few times in and out of the cat door so in case she got out, she would know where she was.   She already stood her ground when my little YinYang growled and snarled at her.  She just stayed halfway across the room and watched her pitch her little fit.  She does that when Izzy walks by also, she hates everyone.  I think she is channelling my mother’s cat Lady, who was the supreme bitch cat of all time.  I found her twice behind the water heater in the garage, and I opened and closed the garage door a couple of times so she knows what that sound is.  My garage door is very loud and scary sounding.  I wish I could settle down, I feel like I have a newborn, wanting to make sure it’s ok every second it’s out of my sight.   I fell asleep about 9pm on the couch and an hour later woke up to Izzy growling at her as she was under the couch.  I got Izzy calmed down and fed and then he just seemed curious.  I think he was letting me know in case some intruder came in while I was asleep at my watch, he was letting me know he found it.  Then I fell asleep for another hour and when I woke up, the cat is no where to be found and Yin Yang is sitting in the living room acting normal.  So I guess the new one is outside somewhere.  I checked the garage but maybe s/he’s hiding wherever s/he was before.  I hope it comes back. I walked around outside to call it.  At least she knows where the food can be found.

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