Mark at ATT tries to rescue my simm card

I went to ATT to have Mark see if he could rescue my simm card, no luck but while I waited, a woman came in,, yesterday she damaged her Nokia 6102i and they are sending her a Nokia 6555 instead, a later model than mine. I called ATT insurance and asked why I was getting the 6085 then, a much lesser model. I was told to call and ask for a supervisor when I receive my replacement phone and ask for it to be swapped out. Mark told me that when I called the insurance division, the operator pulled up a list of replacement phones and the 6555 was on the list, she just chose the 6555. I didn’t know I had a choice. So that’s what I’ll do.  I’m anxious wanting to get the phone workable before I go to the lightworker’s conference. But now I may just cancel going.  An email to my group: “Hello, yesterday I dropped my cell phone in my soup and lost all the magic secret numbers: back line numbers, home numbers, cell phone numbers, etc.   So if I had yours and you want me to still have it, please email it to me here and include your first and last name to make it easy for me. “

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