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A friend cuts me off

I haven’t heard from SM since July 2006 when she got mad at me over a remodeling project we were doing together here, which I stopped because it was costing me time and money and neither of us knew what we were doing.  I intuited to cut the cord on it 3 days in and hire a professional.  I paid her for her time every single day and it’s not easy getting S to take money.  Still it was cheap to get the wall done properly although it cost me almost 3x as much as it should have.  She apparently still isn’t talking to me.  I periodically email her and called once when I was in the area and she was home.    Last year a few days before her mom died, I was working in the office and a vision of her mom H come to me.  H had gone to live with S earlier in the year.  I didn’t know she was sick.  After the vision I emailed a mutual friend and told her what happened and asked what was going on with S & H.  She told me H was very sick and they expected her to pass soon, which she did a few days later.   Continue reading



Great eclipse last night!  I snuck out of the circle early and came home to hang at my firepit alone, had a great view of the eclipse, lost it about 10:15 but saw it emerge again about midnight. There was cloud cover but I have no city lights near me so I get a good view of the night sky.  I could see her a clear deep rust all but the sliver, it was very cool.  I just put on my flannel shirt here at my office chair and it smells like campfire smoke!  My hair must also.   Continue reading

I am glad to be working alone again, for me it’s like that with any ‘relationship’, I feel an almost overwhelming sense of relief and freedom when it’s over with.  Not that I didn’t appreciate it and enjoy it, just it’s always such ‘work.’  So mostly I learn lessons about myself during those times: about my automatic responses and my emotional triggers.  Thankfully it never takes me too long to catch back up on the work that got stalled while I was training someone.  I would love to find a take-charge person like me, someone assertive and motivated enough to handle all the office administration and even assemble and oversee a sales and distribution team.  That would leave me free to do the work I love. I would like to learn to draw and paint on the computer like on a tablet and stylus setup or whatever those are called.  Hmmm maybe I’ll go look on YouTube and see if I can find someone doing a tutorial.  I have to first find out what they are called.  Hey maybe Consumer Reports has rated them, I should go check, I keep a subscription with them

Andrea’s tent!

I went to the New Way in cocoa village and I could kick myself for forgetting Jane Warner’s name until she sat down and reminded me.  When I am in that vibrationally high place, everyone looks familiar but few names come to mind.   I bought a tent from her.  Actually, cute story about the tent:  Last year I decided I wanted a new tent and so I made my list about what kind I wanted and what I wanted it for, and then I did my visualization on it, and this went on for a few days.  One day I woke up knowing someone would call with a tent for me.   So I went into the office to begin work and my first call of the day was Jane calling about an event they were having.  We talked about that and since she didn’t mention a tent I wondered if I should ask her about it and then I suddenly had the flash that she indeed had my tent.   So I asked her (remember, first phone call we ever had, we don’t know each other at this point) “Do you have a tent for me?”    And she did.  It turns out that she and Angie had gone on a womens’ retreat and took their tent, but forgetting the fly top at home.  So they ran to Sears and bought a duplicate tent and only used the fly.  Leaving them when they returned home, with a duplicate tent they didn’t need.  Ta Dah!  Andrea’s tent!


Before I go to sleep and when I wake up I pretend I am my own giant guardian angel and I say “I love you, I will never leave you. You are save and secure and healthy and well wrapped in my love”

Using THE SECRET For Successful Marketing — How the Law of Attraction Can Bring You More Business

Conventional marketing tells us how we need to target our market, use specific headlines, as well as a long list of other marketing ploys. However, thanks to Abraham-Hicks and The Secret, we now know that the success of advertising, as with everything else, is not so much dependent upon the action that is taken (designing and placing the ad) as it is on the consciousness from which the action is taken. That is, what you think about your business, about your abilities, and about what you have to offer. That also means you take charge of your internal dialogue.

For someone whose attitude is, ”Hmmm, business is down, so let me put a card in, even though it’s the slow season. It couldn’t hurt and it’s only a few bucks,” then their response will reflect that. Remember that the response you receive always mirrors your real – and sometimes unconscious – core belief and attitude on the topic. In this case, that might be “I don’t feel real hopeful and motivated, so I probably won’t attract more than I am attracting already.”   Realize that in “the real world,” – the metaphysical world of energy exchange – you can’t expect people to be more enthusiastic about your business than you are.   Continue reading

A friend wrote to me: “I’d say my chief reason for going to church these days is out of commitment rather than hunger for God. Sure, connecting with the community is good, but it doesn’t further me. etc. I think I’ve been singing this song for several years now!”  I replied: :I meant to address this when you wrote it and got caught up doing other things.  I know what you mean.  I go, not out of commitment but when I want camaraderie.  And sometimes I want the lesson and music and don’t want fellowship, and those are the times I sneak in late and leave early to avoid interaction.   I think different things “further” us in different ways.  For me and probably for you, too, solo study and meditation is what most fulfills me and deepens my sense of faith and devotion and dedication.    Continue reading

I woke up with the thought that the reason W repaid an outstanding loan to me early was that by going out of my box on Sunday, going to Sue’s church and to the Meta Circle, I released resistance that I unconsciously hold by being in routine here. I spent almost all of January in a funk and not doing much to get myself out of it. Pouting, aggravating those closest to me, choosing to stay inside and not venture outside, to not do any yard work, which I know is my healing grace.  So of course now, like clockwork, I am motivated to work in the yard and it’s final layout week. I could have done a ton of work last month, but nooooo, I had to pout and sleep my month away. I just made myself go outside one day and pick up one dead palm frond to take to the trash pile, knowing that as soon as I put myself in motion, momentum would form. The last few days with only a few hours each day I have transformed the east woods back into a semblance of privacy and organization. I simply moved all the cut bamboo stalks and stacked them in one place standing by the tall pine. I simply moved all the potted plants to one area. I simply raked the interior floor of the surface layer of leaves and piled the leaf mulch around the plants at the perimeter of the canopy room in the squirrel park. I brought the larger of the dead palmetto fronds to the front and kept them inside the room, lining the wire fence as a shield from the street view. By the time I gathered enough big fronds, I had cleared much of the larger deadfall, since I’d been taking the larger fallen branches to the front as well. The small dead branches I will stack for firewood and take to the west firepit area. I swept off the deck area, and I may decide to move that elsewhere or maybe just move it to the north about 3 feet. That’s what I will do.   Continue reading

It is still green here, however the yard is looking very sparse.  That’s because the leaves are off the mulberry in the back yard and also off several of the big oak trees. I have a couple of types of oaks and one type seems to lose all its leaves and the other doesn’t.  This winter I am seeing the houses behind me through my yard, and usually I only see my trees and the tall palmettos.  I have been cutting thru the palmettos some each year, mostly just cleaning out the deadfall, but now I can see thru them a little bit, too, in places.  I like cutting paths thru my palmettos, different paths to walk down.  The woods to the east of me have been looking very sparse and ragged since the hurricanes, so I watered everything real deeply yesterday.  I had a bunch of cut bamboo that had crashed down from where I had it stacked, so I moved it to a new location to act as a sort of screen from the road until the greenery starts growing back from the watering.   Continue reading

I’ve been in a subdued mood the last couple of weeks.  No heavy thoughts, just working through some inner conflicts.  You know, the standard routine of personality integration *smile*   I am inspired by concrete goals, and have learned how to trick myself into breaking out of my workaholic routine by using goals as the bait.  If someone says to me, “you’re working too hard, want to take a break and do something?” that doesn’t give me much to look forward to to whet my appetite, except to stop working, which I may want to keep doing.  But if a friend calls and says “It’s a beautiful day and I’m going to take a ride in the sun and take my camera to the beach and have an adventure.  I can pick you up in an hour, and we can eat sushi on the way back home and you’ll be back at work before dark.”  Now that sounds tempting!  It tells me what to expect, it tells me when I can be back to work, I have to eat anyway, I’m always up for a nature trek with cameras.  I feel special and honored when someone picks me up and drives.  I like a pal with a plan.  I like a take charge kind of pal; someone who is always in optimistic, confident motion forward with some goal in mind.    Continue reading