Today’s Thoughts

I’ve been in a subdued mood the last couple of weeks.  No heavy thoughts, just working through some inner conflicts.  You know, the standard routine of personality integration *smile*   I am inspired by concrete goals, and have learned how to trick myself into breaking out of my workaholic routine by using goals as the bait.  If someone says to me, “you’re working too hard, want to take a break and do something?” that doesn’t give me much to look forward to to whet my appetite, except to stop working, which I may want to keep doing.  But if a friend calls and says “It’s a beautiful day and I’m going to take a ride in the sun and take my camera to the beach and have an adventure.  I can pick you up in an hour, and we can eat sushi on the way back home and you’ll be back at work before dark.”  Now that sounds tempting!  It tells me what to expect, it tells me when I can be back to work, I have to eat anyway, I’m always up for a nature trek with cameras.  I feel special and honored when someone picks me up and drives.  I like a pal with a plan.  I like a take charge kind of pal; someone who is always in optimistic, confident motion forward with some goal in mind.   

I had several readings and ate very late.  I like to be as empty as I can when I do readings, so that when I feel a body sensation, it is a signal relative to the person I am reading for, and not my own digestion talking to me.  For dinner, I made some thin spaghetti with a sauce of red bell pepper strips, 8 chopped garlic cloves, a handful of frozen scallops, some fresh basil and paprika, thyme, pepper, cayenne, onion powder, I forget what else is in my blackened recipe, another few spices, fennel and coriander probably, maybe turmeric.

Faery Elaine Silver was at Sue Bailey’s The New Way Church Today, and so I went since I’d not been there before. The Google map was WAY wrong and had me going north to Coronado, about 2 miles too far north. They are just north of Ruby Tuesday where I go Sundays to have lunch anyway. Perfect timing to go to Unity of Melbourne at 9:15am and then go right after to Sue’s church and then lunch at Ruby Tuesday.

I like their music and the way they do their service. I knew about a third of the people there. I will go again, I like the feeling I get being there. Then that evening I stopped by the Metaphysician’s Circle psychic fair, I gave M a reading about getting an insurance settlement and a handsome young guy flirted with me, obviously not knowing my real age. Cool!










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