I am glad to be working alone again, for me it’s like that with any ‘relationship’, I feel an almost overwhelming sense of relief and freedom when it’s over with.  Not that I didn’t appreciate it and enjoy it, just it’s always such ‘work.’  So mostly I learn lessons about myself during those times: about my automatic responses and my emotional triggers.  Thankfully it never takes me too long to catch back up on the work that got stalled while I was training someone.  I would love to find a take-charge person like me, someone assertive and motivated enough to handle all the office administration and even assemble and oversee a sales and distribution team.  That would leave me free to do the work I love. I would like to learn to draw and paint on the computer like on a tablet and stylus setup or whatever those are called.  Hmmm maybe I’ll go look on YouTube and see if I can find someone doing a tutorial.  I have to first find out what they are called.  Hey maybe Consumer Reports has rated them, I should go check, I keep a subscription with them

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