I woke up with the thought that the reason W repaid an outstanding loan to me early was that by going out of my box on Sunday, going to Sue’s church and to the Meta Circle, I released resistance that I unconsciously hold by being in routine here. I spent almost all of January in a funk and not doing much to get myself out of it. Pouting, aggravating those closest to me, choosing to stay inside and not venture outside, to not do any yard work, which I know is my healing grace.  So of course now, like clockwork, I am motivated to work in the yard and it’s final layout week. I could have done a ton of work last month, but nooooo, I had to pout and sleep my month away. I just made myself go outside one day and pick up one dead palm frond to take to the trash pile, knowing that as soon as I put myself in motion, momentum would form. The last few days with only a few hours each day I have transformed the east woods back into a semblance of privacy and organization. I simply moved all the cut bamboo stalks and stacked them in one place standing by the tall pine. I simply moved all the potted plants to one area. I simply raked the interior floor of the surface layer of leaves and piled the leaf mulch around the plants at the perimeter of the canopy room in the squirrel park. I brought the larger of the dead palmetto fronds to the front and kept them inside the room, lining the wire fence as a shield from the street view. By the time I gathered enough big fronds, I had cleared much of the larger deadfall, since I’d been taking the larger fallen branches to the front as well. The small dead branches I will stack for firewood and take to the west firepit area. I swept off the deck area, and I may decide to move that elsewhere or maybe just move it to the north about 3 feet. That’s what I will do.  

Note to self:


I am going to think about a mastermind group, I am not ready to commit but know if I get the right group together, I will WANT to get together and meet with them.

I want the sum of $22,000 by the end of February 29, 2008, and there are a lot of ways it can come to me. I would love to just win it in the lotto, that would be easy, or have someone gift it to me, but I can also give services or goods for it. I can discover I have an expensive coin in my collection in the safe deposit box or I can discover I have a book or tape or the original Manley Hall tapes that are worth a lot. I can discover there is something I have here that has unexpected great value, and I can discover this item and be curious enough about it to check it out. I can be hired as a technical advisor and new age expert for a movie or tv and be paid an exhorbitant amount for my services. I can be a liaison behind the scenes in connecting important people together, and getting well paid to do it. I can use Kumuda as my role model of living near the ocean in California and working in the Hollywood industry and yet living the life of the devotee, making outrageous income and investing it wisely and building a large nest egg. I can connect with serious seekers who are responsible persons who organize trips and tours to sacred sites. I have make some good lifetime friends and we can make serious money together.

I can ghost write for someone new who’s read my work and I can be well paid for that.

I can attract several more black and white full page ads, on contract, prepaid 6 months each, I can attract ten more business card ads, that is a big money maker the business card ads, as opposed to the half or full pages. I can attract 6 more ¼ page ads.

I just had the vision of me pouring my heart and soul into this journal document and no one ever seeing it *hehe* and the file on the hard drive locked forevermore. Like the ending shot in a movie where the hard drive goes into the trash can on the street and that’s the legacy of my life. Hahaha No, that’s not what I think, it as just a funny thought that went through my head and it’s making me smile even now, the irony of it all.

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