Use pre-1982 copper pennies to keep algae out of the birdbath

I just scrubbed the algae out of the birdbath in the courtyard. I moved the birdbath a few months ago and it’s now more in the sun. I’m going to put pre-1982 pennies into the water to keep the algae at bay. I’d tossed pennies in before but it didn’t work. I used the wrong year pennies. When I researched it myself, I learned before 1982, pennies contained more copper. After 1982, they contain 95% zinc. I could also use a piece of copper tubing in the water. Copper is biostatic, which means that many types of algae, bacteria and fungi will not adhere to it or grow on it. Here’s my newly cleaned bird bath with the pre 1982 copper pennies in it.

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