The June Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

June 2020

There will be no print edition this month due to the Covid-19 virus quarantine closing of many businesses. As of June 1, many stores are open and have curbside shopping available. The June 2020 Horizons is now online at  Our astrologer is off to new adventures so we’re seeking another horoscope writer. Email Andrea at  Until then I found few online whose interpretations I resonate with.  This is from

Focus on communication and romance, dear Aries! The Sun, in Gemini until the 20th, escorted by Venus, during the whole month, pampers your relationship sector, your mind is happy, your thoughts tempting, even seductive! You will have tact and a bit of diplomacy, which surprise your interlocutors! Mars your planet, in Pisces until the 28th, will have some difficulties expressing things as you wish.

Your energy will be powerful but clumsy, have confidence in yourself. Jupiter and Pluto shake up your socio-professional sector, third decan, avoid excessive or radical reactions. Your way of earning your life will gradually change, first decan, or suddenly under the impulse of Uranus. From the 21st, the Sun joins Mercury in Cancer, your home comes alive!

In a relationship:
Beautiful mental complicity with your loved ones, you will find the words to seduce them again. However, take care of your delicacy, seek to win them back, not to approach them like a pirate! Your libido is a bit hesitant and should make you more endearing by your touching lack of control. The universe is testing you, nothing serious!

A neighborhood meeting could meet your desire to coo! Unless a secret love affair emerges through a long-time friend. Still, this month may hold an important meeting, if you opt for letting go.

Spotlight on your communication, dear Taurus! Well inspired until the 20th, by the Sun in Gemini, coming to shine its rays on your monetary sector.

Venus your planet, also linked to money, reinforces this idea, in short it is not this month that you forget your fundamentals! First decan, you receive Uranus and all its creative power! Saturn, in Aquarius, square in your sign, diffuses slowly but surely, it’s reforming energy, always first decan. What should you understand in your socio-professional sector? Beautiful energy thanks to Mars energizing your projects, your friendships. Jupiter and Pluto act on your ideal of life, developing a reliable judgment and an increased spiritual search. From the 21st to the 31st, the Sun joins Mercury in Cancer and gives you an excellent morale!

In a relationship:
Complicity. Mercury in Cancer all month heals your exchanges with your other half, you who refuse, very often, to waste your words! Beautiful sensual agreement, feelings a little playful and cheerful. Some amusing naps could make this month very sympathetic! Uranus ensures your creativity. A nice month!

An Interesting social melting-pot. You move in your approach to love and this impacts well on your meetings and your desires. They could come to life through love at first sight because you carry within you this energy, first decan. Your bucolic nature will adapt. It’s the wish of the universe!

Love: strength of the month, dear Gemini! Venus in your home all month long, as well as the Sun until the 20th: a pretty planetary couple, favorable to emotional benefits! Mercury your planet, in Cancer, fixes your mind on the pecuniary questions relating to the family and the home. Trend strengthened from the 21st, by a Sun passing in Cancer.

Uranus invites the first decan to reconsider their lives, sudden events can shake up everyday life. Neptune and Mars in Pisces, acts on your socio-professional sector, do not trust immediately and calm your overflowing energy. Saturn in beautiful aspect to your sign gives you its seriousness, first decan, gives you its help, its sense of responsibility, with a long-term goal. Jupiter and Pluto reinforces your ability to transform.

In a relationship:
Disagreements at work could hinder the smooth running of your married life. So, make some concessions on your way home, do yourself some good, together, enjoy the energies of love from Venus! Your libido could rise, take care that it does not become anarchic!

Your bubbly nature should explode under the effects of Venus in your Sun, creating an aura of seduction on your passage conducive to emotional encounters. Beware of Mars, who is not in good aspect, do not spoil your chances with an untimely impatience! Be yourself, mischievous, light and happy!

An activated inner life and new projects, dear Cancer! The Sun and Venus in Gemini, encourages introspection and could incite you to hold back your feelings or to conceal them. From the 21st, the Sun arrives in your constellation coming to join Mercury, charisma and communication is reinforced.

The arrival of Uranus in Taurus infuses, in the first decan, a nice evolution friendly, innovative projects! Excellent energy all month, March in Pisces boosts you and takes you to an ideal. Saturn in Aquarius allows a major awareness regarding your having, your relationship to sexuality, always first decan. The third decanate continues to receive the regenerative and evolutionary impulses of Pluto and Jupiter in the conjugal sector. Neptune always in Pisces offers his mystical exaltation at the end of the sign!

In a relationship:
Last decans, you always modify your conjugal unit. Something has changed, either by you or your partner. The whole of the sign benefits from a beautiful sensuality, for two. Projects are drawn out and reinforce your complicity. The exchanges are fluid, be less secretive with your feelings, express them!

Your charisma and idealistic energy could help you trigger an emotional story. Nevertheless, Venus, hardly visible for you this month, suggests that intimate secrets could be part of the game! Do not set your sights on the first love, your sensitivity could ruffle some feathers!

The wind is in your sails when it comes to your loves and you have projects on the agenda, dear Leo! You shine as usual until the 20th through the Sun in Gemini, an accomplice of yours, coming to warm your circle or intensify the realization of a project.

Venus the mischievous, also in beautiful aspect all month, allows a pleasant sentimental harmony so dear to your vibrating heart! After the 21st, a quieter period, less in the spotlight awaits you. Mars and Neptune in Pisces, in the money sector, invite you to be cautious on this issue, stay concrete. Do not be excessive in terms of your libido either, balance your desires and impulses. Uranus shakes your socio-professional sector, Saturn modifies the conjugal sector. It moves!

In a relationship:
Long-time couple you receive the influx of Saturn, coming to further strengthen your complicity. Your feelings are tuned towards common projects, you feel the desire to anchor your relationship in the long term. Venus protects your couple while Mars exposes it to tension due to excessive desires. Relax.

Unquestionably, set your sights on your social melting-pot! Indeed, it can reserve the opportunity for a nice meeting. Your libido, particularly overflowing could make the object of your desires flee, so do it in good form! Act before the 20th, the sky supports you.

Your socio-professional destiny and projects are honored, dear Virgo! The Sun until the 20th and Venus all month, both in Gemini, come to warm your sector attached to your destiny. Some facilities in this area will be granted only at the cost of productive efforts. Mercury your planet, in Cancer, in beautiful aspect to your sign, opens, friendly and relationship opportunities.

Know how to seize them, especially from the 21st, when the Sun will also pass into Cancer. Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto continue to bring about important changes in your love and marital life, especially the third decan. Watch your health, heal your daily life, the great Saturn in Aquarius initiates a cycle of teaching. On the other hand, Uranus in Taurus opens the door to your freedom, first decan, and comes to awaken your ideal of life!

In a relationship:
Your reserved nature should be energized by the influx of Mars or it’s your other half that could be less flexible and wants to be heard! Let go, be magnanimous, you are not always right. As for Venus, she gives you fantasy in abundance and lightness. Great, live laughs and joys together!

A meeting is possible if you open your heart to letting go. Do not control everything, it is illusory, rather seek the contact among your acquaintances and your social circle. Your assets lie in your beautiful way of communicating with sensitivity and intuition. Be seduced by sweetness or laughter!

Ambition and emotional anchoring, dear Libra! Until the 20th, the Sun, a friend in Gemini invites you to revise your professional ambitions upward. Venus your planet, in the vicinity, signifies an easy month in terms of feelings, you feel good, attractive, seductive! Saturn in Aquarius announces a beautiful and emotional evolution.

This anchoring often sought by your sign is at your fingertips under the influx of this planet, first decan. Uranus in Taurus continues its work of inner modification, whole areas of your life are subject to its irreversible influence. From the 21st, the Sun in Cancer joins Mercury, focus on your profession. Jupiter and Pluto square in your sign, third decan: family relationships can be tricky, be diplomatic or prefer a temporary removal. Mars and Neptune energize your daily life.

In a relationship:
Until the 20th it rolls for you, charisma, feelings in phase for two. A sign of harmony, you yearn for marital peace. But until the 28th, the star of desire but also of war, Mars, will be in dissonance: do not annoy yourself with futilities, but rather be inspired. Enjoy Venus!

Saturn in the area of your loves, first decan, can favor a meeting made to last. Here, it’s about commitment, go the other way if you’re looking for fun. Venus favors the whole of the sign, open your eyes, if you cross the path of a person of culture or of foreign origin. A new love maybe!

Focus on your loves, your friends and your home, dear Scorpio! The Sun in Gemini comes to tickle your inner life and awakens the power of your instincts! Venus adds its touch all month, a powerful sensuality that befits you like a glove! Uranus in front of your sign, in Taurus, announces an upset to your conjugal or intimate life.

Saturn square in your sign heckles your home, restore order? The love sector receives Mars and Neptune, third decan: a great conquering energy, your loves or your children, if you are a parent, will benefit from these favorable influxes. Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn in beautiful aspect to your sign pursues their reforming messages, your mind searches and finds! From the 21st to the 30th, the Sun joins Mercury in Cancer allowing a beautiful flight of your beliefs.

In a relationship:
Your conjugal life is subject to the influx of Uranus in Taurus coming to awaken, suddenly but creatively, your relationship to your other half. What do you want to sustain in your marriage? And what do you want to let go? Ask yourself questions in private but above all, answer them! Accompany this inevitable process.

Smile! This month is favorable to you. Mars offers you love, great things and salvation! This sign of water resonates particularly well with yours, you merge! Also, participate in cultural outings, a melting-pot of a month conducive to beautiful meetings. Take care to sharpen your flair, overpowering, the universe could test your measures!

You honor your partnership and your inner life is favored, dear Sagittarius! Your associative sector receives the Sun until the 20th and Venus all month long: highlighting important relationships! Saturn in Aquarius, in beautiful aspect to your sign, strengthens your self-confidence and stabilizes your ideas, first decan.

Sometimes too much energy can lead to family conflicts or worries in your home, Mars in Pisces is squared in your constellation. Uranus in Taurus invites you to rethink professional or health related matters. First decan, do you have, the desire for freedom? As for the third decan, you finish major changes concerning your credit, Jupiter and Pluto complete their inevitable transformations. From the 21st to the 30th, the Sun in Cancer invites you to a timely introspection.

In a relationship:
An abundance of desire, since it lives in the home, but also a bit of impatience. Welcome these favorable influxes of the month with all the gratitude you are capable of. Venus pampers your feelings that are to your liking! Your other half loves you and proves it, do the same!

A family reunion could be an emotional surprise. Your spontaneous nature appreciates the unexpected quite well. Just be aware that not everybody is as honest as you. Know how to open to your sixth sense, the one that understands what is good for you before you realize it!

Love and assets in the spotlight, dear Capricorn! Saturn your planet, starts a long cycle of financial restructuring and much needed remediation, first decan. Until the 20th, the Sun in Gemini illuminates the area related to your job and your health. Venus there also announces a facility related to these domains.

From the 21st to the 30th, the Sun in Cancer facing your sign, gives pride of place to your conjugal or intimate life. Mercury in Cancer pampers your communication. Always in your constellation Jupiter and Pluto completes their reforming and evolving messages, third decan: what have you changed or changed within yourself? Mars joins Neptune in Pisces, accentuates your energy and promotes a positive and intuitive morale! Uranus in Taurus shakes up your loving or creative sector, for the best . Unexpected events are getting ready, so prepare yourself!

In a relationship:
Some monetary discussions could be on the agenda, what could spice up your love life more than material concerns intended to anchor, a little more, your relationship together! A beautiful sensual energy, thanks to Mars and feelings lived in your everyday life, thanks to Venus. A gentle beginning of summer, enjoy!

Real chances to meet someone to your liking. Opt for your close relationship circle or an attraction in your neighborhood? Or maybe it’s at your job that you neglected a particular interest for a colleague? In short, a love at first sight is possible, first decan, dazzling and durable!

Focus on your feelings and inner strength, dear Aquarius! From the 20th to the 30th, the Sun in Gemini, and Venus all month, illuminates your area of love! Unless your children, if you are a parent, bring you many satisfactions.

Saturn, a lofty ally, tumbles into your constellation, first decan and promotes your maturity and your capacity to overtake! Your family and your home welcomes Uranus, in Taurus, to the square of your sign: there is rumba in the air! Be relaxed, sudden changes will be to live, first decan. Mars and Neptune in Pisces influence your financial sector, do not throw money out the window, be reasonable and concrete. Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn prepare you for a turning point in your life, especially third decan. From the 21st to the 30th, make room for work and the daily routine!

In a relationship:
Together things will go pretty well, especially if you move away a bit from delicate family affairs, first decan. A hard-working couple reinforces their reciprocal complicity and their ability to understand each other without a word. Excellent, Mars could have fun with you two, do not take it seriously!

An intense search could animate you. Many feelings to share but a tender picture more physical than romantic. Cultural and artistic outings could encourage an emotional encounter. Venus in beautiful appearance to your sign throughout the month promotes your creative power. Show off your talents!

Your inspired creativity is highlighted and so is your home, dear Pisces! The Sun in Gemini until the 20th, as well as Venus all month, invites you to take pleasure in your home, to receive and begin to work at home! While from the 21st, the Sun in Cancer supported by Mercury serves your love sector, your creativity, your children if you have some.

March until the 28th, in your sign, gives you a powerful, idealistic energy! Your social circle is doing well, your projects too: Jupiter and Pluto are looking after this area. Uranus in Taurus inspires in the first decan desire of displacement, something like a call. This same decan welcomes Saturn in Aquarius, favoring a preparatory inner quest for a major change, later. Neptune focuses your receptivity, third decan.

In a relationship:
A renewal of desire for couples whose routine smothers their libido a little bit. Young couples, it’s the honeymoon! Mars in your sign generates an attractive power conducive to many shared impulses but Venus square to your sign indicates a difficulty in expressing them. Take out your many talents!

Active, dynamic, intuitive thanks to Mercury in the sign of water, your strengths are numerous this month. Decide if Cupid should shoot his arrows! However, love is at home or with your family, it is not what you are looking for unless a family meal allows the meeting you want.


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