The Death Experience like a day on Facebook?

You know how you come online to do one thing, then look up and realize you’ve just played on Facebook for 4 hours? Or you dash into the mall for a red jacket and come out after nightfall having bought everything but?  That’s because no matter what you thought you set out to do, as you became IN THE MOMENT with where you were, your attention was directed to another thing, and then another until it became a free flow of moving from one place and situation to the next and you lost time with the flow of it all.

That’s what the DEATH experience is like also. You close your eyes here and open them elsewhere. Wherever you find yourself, there will be something catching your attention, then something else, then something else. There is no dark hole of nothingness where you’re wondering WTF? You will be met by loved ones who have passed before. You will be comforted by familiar surroundings.

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