It’s comforting to know we get more than one lifetime

oak seed textSometimes I forget who I’m talking to. I was in the yard and a neighbor stopped to chat. She explained her head scarf was because she was losing her hair from chemo. I said “Modern medicine is amazing.” She said her prospects were not good. I said, “Then it’s great we have more than just one life, so when one body wears out we get another and another, lifetime after lifetime.” She stared at me and asked, “Where on earth did you get such an idea?” “Oh, it’s the only thing that makes sense.” I said. “It gets interesting when we wake up and realize that we are all part of something bigger and we all get never-ending lifetimes to do it all in. Think about it.”  

In the work I do, my experience is we exist in our consciousness — in our mind — which is why “we” don’t die when the body and brain dies. “We” don’t have to have a body in order to exist and be productive. CAN YOU DIG IT? Would God intervene to prevent the caterpillar from becoming a butterfly, a tadpole from becoming a frog? Would He stop an acorn from tearing apart in order to grow into an oak? The surface shell dies away, our essential self remains alert and conscious inside, ready to awaken into the next dream. What would happen if God kept the little seeds intact so the Mother oak didn’t watch all her seeds split apart and crumble into mulch? We’d never see the glory of another oak.

We do not die, the body may drop but we awaken into a new day. “We” don’t have to have a body in order to exist and be productive. “We” exist apart from the body. Just as a favorite shirt becomes tattered and worn and finally wears out and we have to discard it, just so we discard this body when it’s time, and we wake up into a new day.

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