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You want to heal and teach? Tell the story as it really happened

I already know what the spin will be. The spin will be the house was in foreclosure, the court date was coming up and everyone was moving out anyway. That doesn’t negate a year of unnecessary blowups, refusal to help when asked, not paying rent, habitually lying, disrespecting your parent in their own home, letting your girlfriend do the same and causing a massive scene of hateful words upon departure.  Living across the street, I hear more than I want to hear. He has never left a relationship honorably, not even with family. Both of them spin tales in their blogs about their journey of enlightenment, not writing about what actually goes on day by day, the real life lessons.  Yes, he acted dishonorably and won’t admit it, but she takes it to a whole new level of continued outright fabricationIf it was me? If I had done that? I’d be sorry for the hurt I’d caused.  I’d own up to what I did and recognize I did it out of a place of imbalance. I’d apologize for being unconscious and acting selfishly.  Now that’s a hot topic for a blog post – the truth about a difficult situation and how you really handled it.  That is what teaches, that is what heals. But, since it’s not me, I don’t expect that to happen.  Continue reading

A peaceful end to a roller coaster ride

A friend has burned another bridge, this time his mother as he leaves her in the lurch after having housed him and his girlfriend since February, with no help from them.  I’ve seen the violent outbursts firsthand and am glad she’s free of the financial drain and psychological abuse from them both. Being across the street I hear more than I want to hear. There is never an excuse to disrespect anyone as they’ve both done.  Never. I’m sure there will be an interesting spin on this story in their blogs, but I won’t be reading them.  I wasn’t even asking for the info last week when my spidey sense told me that I should out of the blue call his father, whom I’ve known 20 years.  Unknown to me at the time, he’d just had the blow up at home and stormed out to move in with his dad. My spidey sense “warned me” but I didn’t know of what. I just knew he was no longer at his mom’s, who lives across the street from me.

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This again?? Jeremy Bonner’s post was not about me. He thinks he has to promote his music through controversy

Bless him thinking he has to keep lying. I write ONLY about what happens to me.  Jeremy Bonner wrote of “a jealous ex’s tearing down our character’s in public, the stalking of friends, family and emails, Facebook sabotage, alleged virus’ in broadcast news emails… emails being sent to probation officer as well as therapist warning of all of the “evil” things that I am doing, and undoubtedly meant to send me back to prison… ”   Continue reading

6:00pm Update: Thank You Jeremy Bonner

JJBI wrote earlier at Jeremy James Bonner, Thank You of a recent experience I’d posted on Facebook. One reason I felt free to write it was because we continually discuss living our lives as transparently as possible, and to call each other on our stuff.  We know that is the deep spiritual work and we are both committed to growth. We write in our blogs and on FB publicly so others can benefit from what we go through, and witness the stages of emotion that we experience as they are happening. That is how readers know they are not alone when it happens to them.  This helps them realize we are all connected. Continue reading

For Jeremy James Bonner, thank you

JJBTo everyone who reads this, Jeremy read it ahead of time and agreed to public disclosure of it, as it was soul work we agreed to do together and he manned up to it. It was two months after the fact that a new girlfriend convinced him to be ticked off about it and begin lying. It happens. Bless him.  “To he I tried to help, forgive me for giving you what you begged for, the attention that you said would finally make everything right in your world.  To he whose illusions I shattered by tearing down every wall you said was an obstacle, forgive me for laying bare your own soul before you for close inspection, and showing you no obstacles existed.  To he for whom I was sole captive audience and father confessor the last 15 months, I am honored to have been able to bring Light to get you through your dark night.  To he who said he was alone until he found me, I now realize the reason for that. To he with the hard past of disrespecting women, of smooth words and alternative motives, thank you for the opportunity to reveal to me my own weakness and strength.  It showed me I can sustain seeking good in the face of illusion.  To he with the hard time with truth, fear not, the truth will set you free. It’s not just a bumper sticker. Continue reading