Does focusing on “it” attract “it?”

I’ve not been updating this blog because I’m on Facebook all day and I interact there.
A Facebook friend wrote,I am starting to wonder about this thing called “Attraction.” Who is showing more Faith as Christians would say. So my question is The Minister has Faith he and his flock of friends will not get sick. Whereas you say you sprayed disinfectant on your neighbor’s mailbox. Does that not draw through Law of Attraction the fear of this Virus and of course the Virus? Just wondering.”

Andrea’s response:  That was an excellent observation. My experience is what someone does and says does not always reflect their vibrational resonance. We attract what we resonate with, not what WE SAY we resonate with. Also, without knowing their life, we don’t know how much momentum is in motion from previous actions.

Manifestation = belief plus expectation, intention and  focus, minus resistance and momentum from prior actions.

I spray things down because doing physical actions helps reinforce my faith. I’m praying to God yet tethering my camel, so to speak.

What I think I’m doing is more important than what I’m doing.

I’m not spraying thinking, “Oh, no, I’ll catch this virus if I don’t constantly clean.

I’m thinking, “I feel I’m in a good place vibrationally. If I was not, I would see evidence of resistance in the form of chaos or unhappiness happening in front of me. I don’t see that. Life is good and I’m happy.

I’m thinking, “Cleaning is part of my spiritual practice. I take a few moments to wipe things down a few times a day while I self talk that I’m wiping away any obstacles to my happy life. I’m blessing each surface I touch.

When I wipe the neighbor’s mailbox down, I’m not thinking, “Omg lemme get rid of his cooties before I catch it.”  I’m thinking, “Bless him. Bless us all.

That’s why what I THINK I’m doing is more important than what I’m DOING.

You and I can stand side by side doing the same actions yet have different results, because the manifestation is in the thinking of it.

Back to the minister’s belief in your example. He says he believes he and his flock will not get sick, but he says it like it’s a battle to be fought or an opponent to overcome. Pushing against something introduces resistance into the equation of law of attraction.

When he and his flock begin falling ill, they, too, are focused on pushing against something, they pay attention to (focus on) all sorts of fake news and conspiracy theories. They have discussion and arguments about it. That keeps them vibing in that heavier place at the lower end of the spiral.

All of this introduces resistance into the equation. When resistance comes up, that activates past momentum. You can mitigate or diffuse past momentum by doing forgiveness work and making amends with everyone from your past. Not kidding. Everyone.

So who DISPLAYS the most faith? The minister.

Who HAS the most faith? We can only ever know by the evidence we see in front of us.

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