David Rindge’s Laser Light had me pain free in one session

Dr. David Rindge's laser on my arm

Dr. David Rindge’s laser on my arm

Miracles are simply laws of nature that transcend our familiar band of perception. I saw Dr. David Rindge yesterday for a 30 minute treatment laser light treatment, then returned to the office for several hours of using the mouse. For the last two months, mousing for hours has caused me wrist, arm and elbow pain. This is 24 hours after laser treatment and not only do I have no pain, a friend asked me how my arm was after treatment and I showed him by picking up my guitar and holding it at arm’s length. I couldn’t hold a pencil like that before without pain. David healed my paws with laser after a car accident that caused trauma-induced carpal tunnel in 2000. Years later I developed trigger thumb on the right hand, painful for two weeks and he healed it in one session, never to return.  David is an acupuncture physician and doctor of oriental medicine as well. He’s a magic man. He’s in Melbourne off Airport and 192.  He’s at 1601 Airport Blvd, Melbourne, FL 32901  Call 321-751-7001 and tell him, “Hi, Andrea suggested I call, I’d like a consult about my _______ injury/ailment, what can I expect to pay at first visit and subsequent visits?” That way when he calls back it saves him time to have an answer ready.

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