The dead dance Christmas as Santa delivers sacred djembes

santa delivering djembe72I spent an early morning playing Santa, delivering djembes to good little girls.  I’m stoked when I can pass on my sacred tools to people I know will use them with the spirit I’ve imbued into them. We are indeed all connected!  Yesterday morning I decided I should really pass along my djembe drums to someone who can get drum dayerehuse out of them. A car accident in 2000 put both paws on the path to healing for a few years and now a frame drum is much easier for me to handle. I love my Cooperman dayereh (shown left.)

So Christmas Eve morning I posted on Facebook for my local pagan friends that I have a 24″ tall djembe with a 12″ drum head and a prominent pentacle carved into the base.  Friends began bidding on it and by evening it had been won by a galpal I was tickled to see it go to.  A friend asked if I had other djembes and I had two smaller ones.  She made me an offer on one and Paypalled me for it.  Another galpal just bought my own personal djembe 16″ tall with an 8″ drum head. It’s got a lot of good juju drummed into it.  I love being able to pass on my sacred items and know they will be well used and appreciated. This is one way the dead can dance and live on: because that drum will continue to sound its voice long after I’ve gone.  The drum’s base was once a living part of a tree. The drum’s head was once the skin of a living animal. The physical animal is dead, yet her soul dances on when the drum is played. Happy Christmas!