A Fun and Easy Money Saving Experiment For 2014

Piggy-BankOkay, did you get all that money-spending out of your system? Before the bills begin pouring in, remind yourself that you are in charge of what you attract financially. Maybe you didn’t really believe it before.  It will be easier to believe next year, because you’ll attract more evidence of it. Begin now reminding yourself that 2014 can be your best income earning year ever. Incorporate creative visualization about dollars into your daily meditation practice. This is how you begin to save for the future, by pre-paving it. Know that sometimes nothing needs to change except your perception of what is available to you.

The one week money saving experiment I did was a real  eye opener. I learned I’d spent enough in one year on dining out that I could have paid off my car loan. Of course, I didn’t think of it like that until afterward. I asked on Facebook how much people spent on alcohol and cigarettes each week, and a lot of people said their own answers surprised them. How much do you spend each week on cigarettes, alcohol, soda, snacks, the energy drink, the morning latte, personal grooming: nail care, hair care?

I propose A Fun and Easy Money Saving Experiment For 2014.  Beginning January 1st 2014, for each day you go without buying the above items, put that amount in your savings account. If you read the newspaper online, put the amount of a subscription in your savings account. Skip going to the movies for a week and put that amount in your savings account. Include popcorn and soda costs, too. I’m not saying stop pouring money into the economy, I’m saying take a break from some of your incidental expenditures, so you can make sure it’s something that is important to you, not just a mindless daily routine that is eating up your dollars. It’s the little things that add up to surprise you later in life. Make them good surprises. Like paying off your car loan with the money you saved this year on things you didn’t realize you were spending it on. Going to the movies once a week and having a latte each day has never been my thing. But paying off a debt? Now that turns me on.

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