Image by Garidy SandersRead What to Expect From The Experience Activating Your Third Eye and Connecting with Your Angels, Guides and Teachers first. Have an expectation of success. If you are skeptical of the process, or skeptical that it could work for you, that is ok. A fish doesn’t have to believe in the ocean. For the period of time you are doing this process, set aside doubt and let go of resistance. Even if you think you have never experienced conscious contact, you can still be successful. You want to get yourself in a quiet setting and read the following statements. (They are also on a FREE mp3 file, see bottom of page for link if you want it. The audio begins with a 6 minute relaxation induction.)

Take a few deep, even breaths to relax yourself into a receptive state of mind.  As you do so, imagine you are inhaling relaxation and exhaling all tension. As you read this, focus your attention on your third eye area and inhale relaxation into it, and exhale any tension from it. Become aware of your breathing and breathe slowly and deeply with your attention on your third eye area. It almost seems as though the air is breathing you, in and out, in and out. Allow yourself to enter a higher place of awareness. Feel your mind being elevated to a higher place, to an expanded, open and receptive state of mind. Breathe in. Feel your mind gently expanding. Breathe out. Feel your mind and thoughts expanding. Allow your mind to gently expand as you melt into a higher awareness. Don’t worry about “how” to do that, simply read the words over for now.

Now, imagine for a moment what your life would have been like if you had kept your eyelids shut for your entire lifetime. Your eyes would have worked perfectly and yet your sense of vision would have gone to waste. It is just the same as not using your third eye to enjoy your sixth sense: your mystical vision or psychic perception.

Once you activate your psychic perception, you will start to be free from habitual actions and reactions. As your third eye opens, you will recognize that nothing more than a movie or a show has been playing out before you in what you considered “real life”.

And, just like when you are at the theater, you may be interested in some degree with seeing how the plot turns out, but knowing that it is all just a story, you won’t take it any more seriously than a movie or a show.

In your expanded awareness, it’s easy to become the observer, to become the watcher behind the third eye, to become the silent witness to the movie or show that is playing out in your life, and in the lives of those around you.

Whenever you enter into this witness state, your consciousness begins to expand and you feel at one with the Universe and with the world around you. New worlds will open to your mundane consciousness, and this will create greater opportunities for personal expansion and creativity.

As a result of your increasing awareness, you will receive inner guidance more clearly than ever before. As a result of your increasing awareness, you will begin receiving more and more psychic impressions, as you are ready to integrate them.

You know that this is a loving Universe, and that we all have our own special angels, guides and teachers. You might call these your guardian angels, you might call them your spirit guides, you might call them your inner teachers or your own higher Self.

No matter what you call them, these invisible helpers are here to assist you in any way they are asked to help. These angels, guides and teachers enjoy helping you achieve what you want to achieve, if you would only ask for their guidance and listen carefully enough to hear them.

The more open we are to their help, the more help they are able to give us. We must be open to their help and guidance and we must be ready for it and we must know when to ask for help, knowing they are always there waiting for us.

Your guide or helper may be someone you knew in another lifetime or maybe someone you knew in this lifetime, who has passed over into another dimension. You may have several guides or teachers, each fulfilling a particular need, or maybe you just have one. We all have different helpers and teachers, and we may have different needs for them to fill.

Maybe it is unimportant for you to know who your invisible helpers are, and just knowing you are loved and guided and protected is enough for you. As your awareness and psychic perception expands, you may no longer care to know the names of your guides and teachers, as you will have moved past the point where names and identities are important.

But whoever your guides are and however many teachers you may have, you must realize they are here to help you and to guide you and to protect you from harm. Your invisible helpers will always cooperate with you, and they will cooperate with you within the boundaries of your level of comfort.

You may ask your guides for help, and they will cooperate with you always, but you are the one in charge of your own destiny. Your destiny is within your power to control and it is you who will make all final decisions.

In your expanded awareness, with your invisible helpers always cooperating, you make better and more informed decisions than you ever did before. You have a feeling of confidence that things will always work out in ways that are harmonious and pleasing to you.

When you want to contact your angels, guides and teachers, you will turn your focus quietly inward and have access to all the information that is waiting there for you. Your subconscious is already aware of your invisible helpers and you may receive this information directly from your subconscious, or from your helpers directly, or both – whichever is the best for you.

The answer may be a vision, it may be a name, it may be a word or it may just be a thought that you think comes from your own self.

*** Read these statements and contemplate each one carefully ***

I am able to call upon the help of my angels, guides and teachers.
My invisible helpers are always there for me.
I am becoming more and more aware of my inner guidance in all forms.

I have the ability to let my guides and helpers speak and write through me, if I desire to do so.

I feel comforted and protected, knowing my angels and guides are helping me
I am in total control of myself, even when my guides are influencing me.
I am always the one who makes the decisions.
I am always acting within my own belief system.

I am increasingly aware of my angels, guides and teachers and their purpose in my every day life.

Their purpose in my everyday life is becoming clear to me now.
My purpose in this life is becoming more clear to me every day.
My guides are here to assist me in discovering my purpose and my mission in this lifetime.

** Now let yourself fall into a natural sleep knowing you will awaken refreshed and with access to new understanding and new skills.

This process copyright 1992 Andrea de Michaelis

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