What to Expect From The Experience Activating Your Third Eye and Connecting with Your Angels, Guides and Teachers

Image by Garidy SandersIn The Process for Activating Your Third Eye and Connecting with Your Angels, Guides and Teachers, I give the step by step to take. This explains what you can expect from doing the process: Give yourself 30 minutes alone where it is quiet. Before working with the process, have an expectation of success. If you are skeptical of the process, or skeptical that it could work for you, that is ok. A fish doesn’t have to believe in the ocean. However, at least for the period of time you are doing the process, set aside all doubt and let go of all resistance. Even if you think you have never experienced conscious contact, you can still be successful.

Guidance isn’t always a booming voice from the sky. It often shows up as subtle synchronicities in your daily life. One purpose of this process is to help you reframe your ordinary daily happenings so you can detect divine guidance everywhere you look for it. Once that happens, your invisible helpers begin to make themselves known to you and soon you will experience conscious contact with them.

Once you activate your psychic perception, expect to receive inner guidance more clearly than ever before. As your third eye opens, expect to receive more psychic impressions, which at first may seem to be just your own thoughts. Each time you practice the technique, you are in ‘the reprogramming process’. After a few times, you will recognize your own thoughts beginning to fall away to reveal the inner voice beneath your own self talk, as your angels, guides and teachers begin to make themselves known to you.

It takes time to learn to receive communication, so be patient. The more you notice the subtle signals, the quicker you will begin to connect to your invisible helpers. If during the process you don’t think you’re in an altered state, just relax and let go of any expectations of what it should feel like. If you fall asleep while doing the process, your subconscious mind is still working on it, so you will still benefit. Listening to the mp3 file (see link at end of this page) as you fall asleep will still program an awakening of your psychic perception.

If you feel your body begin to sway or spin, taking slow deep breaths will return your feeling of balance. When you feel your body begin to hum or vibrate, take deep slow breaths and consciously move the energy up and down your body. It may take a few attempts to do this. Focus on the vibration and breathe into it. It may feel at first as though the entire room is shaking, as in an earthquake; but it’s only within you. Once you are able to move the energy up and down your body, you will have more expansive and evidencial experiences. If you don’t seem to be able to control the vibrations at first, don’t worry, with dedicated and regular practice you soon will.

If at first you don’t feel you’ve had an experience, you may be expecting it to show up in a particular way, or you may have an unconscious fear of losing control. These are subtle dimensions you are entering into. Once your conscious mind relaxes and halts its attempts to grasp for known reference points, your experience will become more vivid. It may take listening to the recording only once, or it may take listening more often. The determining factor will be your ability to relax into the experience with no resistance, and with an expectation of success.

Have a paper and pen nearby in case you are guided to engage in automatic writing. When this happens, just write, don’t stop to read or edit. That will halt the automatic writing process.

It’s helpful to keep a journal of your experiences so you can track your progress. When learning something new, it’s a human tendency to forget how much progress you’ve made unless you keep a record of it. Take notes before each session, stating what your expectation for the session is. Afterward, record what your thoughts and experiences were.

Here’s  The Process for Activating Your Third Eye and Connecting with Your Angels, Guides and Teachers,

Once you have gotten familiar with doing the process and begin to have success with it, you can go into each session with questions you would like answered. Write these questions down before the session, and afterward, write down what thoughts and ideas come to you. Asking very general questions such as “Do you have any messages for me?” will elicit very general answers. Asking specific questions such as “What can I do next to further my goal of _____” will elicit specific answers.

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