A dream about trusting

I had a real memorable dream once about trusting.  In the dream I was flying over the ocean.  At first I was just flying, then I looked down and saw the earth below me.  Then I got closer and saw the ocean, although I didn’t recognize a continent.  As I descended, I began to get afraid because it was the middle of the ocean and I’m not a strong swimmer.  In the dream, I could feel real fear in my chest.  As I descended and felt scared, I was standing upright suddenly and could feel small waves splash at my feet.  I quickly said a prayer “help me deal with whatever is gonna happen” and I lifted my feet and I looked all around to see if I could see land.  Suddenly I could see land, but waaaay off in the distance.  I quickly said a prayer that I’d make it to land and suddenly a row of tiles begin appearing from me to the land. I was afraid I would be row of rocks in waterstranded and suddenly I felt the tile I was standing on begin to sink. The tiles were just barely a few inches beneath the water’s surface, and each one a long step apart from the next.  I was afraid to move off my one tile, kind of frozen there, not wanting to step over the ocean part to get to the next tile.  

I noticed that whenever I felt afraid, my tile would begin to sink.  Whenever I said a prayer, it came back up and I’d be on the next tile automatically, and a step closer to the land.  This dream was a lesson to me about trust.  It was also a reminder to pray as though everything depended upon God, and act as though everything depended upon me.  And trust that the Universe will sort it all out for me.

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