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The December 2015 Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

 December 2015 cover

December 2015 cover

The December Horizons is now online at  Here are the December 2015 Horoscopes by Barbara Lee:

Aries: May 20 to April 19 “I Am.
This December you greet the world with enthusiasm and grace, and others you encounter are inspired by your unique approach to life. Your creative outlook on life always puts you in the right place at the right time with the right people doing exactly what the Universe has intended you to do.    Continue reading

How I finally unplugged from cable

cable listing guideIt took me having a tummy bug to decide it was time to disconnect from cable tv.  I had a 3 day bug last month with fever and chills and body purging. I hadn’t been that sick in years. Being helpless definitely puts your mind in a different place. Sickness doesn’t worry me as I’ve learned that as long as I’m eating relatively healthy food, anything I “catch” is going to move through my system quickly enough, and it does. For the most part I eat healthy and take plenty of vitamins and mineral supplements and have no deficiencies.  When I am sick or recovering, I find I heal best in a quiet, calm and pleasant space. I turned the tv on for distraction from the nausea and body motions, but found the sharp words and movements were too intense, even with the sound muted. It literally made me more aware of my discomfort and it made me feel worse. I switched over to my DIY and real estate shows and scrolled the channel guide looking for educational and nature programs. Then the harsh commercials got to me. Long story short, I went several days watching Netflix and Amazon Prime and, based on those days of down time, I made the decision to disconnect cable TV. As soon as I made the decision, I began to feel much better.  Continue reading

I get evidence of my own expansion

dollars flying blue sky2I just got evidence of my own expansion. In the span of 7 days I greatly expanded my perception of how much I had and what I could afford. Last week I wondered if I could justify buying a second smart tv. It makes work easier so I bought it. Next I bought a new Windows 10 desktop computer, I didn’t have to justify much since I needed a 2nd one. Then a friend mentioned his washer crashed parts cost almost as much as a new washer. Today my 7 year old washer began to whine as it went into the spin cycle. I didn’t even think about it, I ordered another online. No justifying needed.  How did I know I expanded my territory? Thirty minutes later I open mail and I received a fat check from someone I’d loaned money to many years ago and never expected to hear from again. You never know where unexpected dollars may come from. They can come from all corners of the Universe.

Bless those whose actions challenge me to do the important work

dove-with-hand rightRam Dass said “I would like my life to be a statement of love and compassion – and where it isn’t, that’s where my work lies.” Today I bless those whose actions challenge me to remain loving and compassionate, for they help me do the important work.  I bless those who terrorize and spread disinformation, for they know not that they know not.  I won’t let them steal my joy. I let their rage drift away like smoke on wind. I breathe them into my heart and exhale them up to God. I breathe down God’s love and exhale it into their hearts.  I place my loving attention on those I find physically in front of me every day. Loving them, being in harmony with them, that is the work. Jai Guru Deva, nothing’s gonna change my world.

Abraham-Hicks on Acts of Terrorism

Maintain Your Connection

Allow Your Connection

Abraham: Most will feel the impact of today’s events because the events themselves will control their thoughts. Remember, the terrible feeling in the pit of your stomach is the result of your disconnection from your Energy Source. And while you cannot control the actions of those who commit acts of destruction — you do have control over the valve which allows or disallows the Source of Energy into your being. Whenever you experience powerful negative emotion, your relief from it is equally available. So to really understand what true Allowing of Source Energy is, turn your thoughts for a few minutes, to the details of your own life’s activities. Experience the relief that occurs in the pivoting of your focus. Then stop and say to yourself, “This is good. I have allowed my Connection, for a moment, here by changing my focus.”   Continue reading

I wasn’t addicted to cable, I was addicted to the cable guide

cable listing guideDay 3 without cable and the revelations keep on coming. I am used to sitting in front of the tv twice a day, when I wind down from the day’s work by checking email and FB in the recliner. I usually have the cable listings guide running muted on the screen. Occasionally I’ll look up and see a show that catches my eye and I’ll watch a few minutes of it, but it usually sends me Googling something, then I go back to mute and scrolling on my phone.  Today’s revelation was that it was not the SHOWS I was used to WATCHING on cable that were self-soothing, since I rarely watch anything for long. The familiar behavior that was self soothing was READING the cable listings, seeing the FAMILIAR NAMES in FAMILIAR SEQUENCE twice as I sat to relax. They really scrolled silently in the background, kind of like a mantra, whether I was paying attention to them or not.   Continue reading

What they say, what they mean

pup sleeping winnie the poo costumeWhen someone tells you they are tired of trying to be who you want them to be, they mean they are tired of trying to live up to who they told you they were in the first place. Some people go to great lengths to keep up the pretense of being someone they think you’d prefer over who they really are. Bless the short sighted. Pretense can be exhausting.

Don’t be so quick to get close

I had an interesting session last night, but a universal scenario for friends “seeking their soulmate”. If you want to save yourself heartbreak, wasted time and aggravation, don’t be so quick to move in with someone, don’t be too quick to make a long distance relationship local. There is magic in taking time to get to know someone. Don’t think you know them until you have seen them unhappy and angry and insecure. Don’t think you know them until you have met family and friends from the past and see how they react to old stories told about them. Don’t think you know who they are until you’ve spent at least 7500 hours with them, whether it takes three years to do that or whether it takes one. Everyone wants to get married during the infatuation period before they get to know someone, that’s universal also. The real test is when they are in your face everyday for days and weeks and months at a time so you can see the different facets of their personality.