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A Fun and Easy Money Saving Experiment For 2014

Piggy-BankOkay, did you get all that money-spending out of your system? Before the bills begin pouring in, remind yourself that you are in charge of what you attract financially. Maybe you didn’t really believe it before.  It will be easier to believe next year, because you’ll attract more evidence of it. Begin now reminding yourself that 2014 can be your best income earning year ever. Incorporate creative visualization about dollars into your daily meditation practice. This is how you begin to save for the future, by pre-paving it. Know that sometimes nothing needs to change except your perception of what is available to you. Continue reading

The dead dance Christmas as Santa delivers sacred djembes

santa delivering djembe72I spent an early morning playing Santa, delivering djembes to good little girls.  I’m stoked when I can pass on my sacred tools to people I know will use them with the spirit I’ve imbued into them. We are indeed all connected!  Yesterday morning I decided I should really pass along my djembe drums to someone who can get drum dayerehuse out of them. A car accident in 2000 put both paws on the path to healing for a few years and now a frame drum is much easier for me to handle. I love my Cooperman dayereh (shown left.) Continue reading

Not even a dripping nose can break this spell

yoga chickThat tender moment, warmly snuggled under the wing of the beloved, when I awaken as the atmosphere changes predawn and the right nostril begins to drip. Lying wide awake, afraid to move and break the spell, unsuccessfully holding in laughter as I realize the futility of trying to hang on to a moment. If I was fully Present, I would find as much joy in the getting up to blow my nose as I do lying in my partner’s arms.

If you’re going home to an unsupportive family this holiday, remember that your worth is not defined by how they treat you

Lighthouse in Storm72If you’re going home to an unsupportive family this holiday, remember that your worth is not defined by what they say or how they treat you. You’re being guided there to shine your light. This is the work you came to do, in a place you don’t want to be, with people you don’t want to be with. This is the work of a Lighthouse. What if you’re the only light they ever see?

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When people pass along entire conversations that never took place, that is just how they work their own mirror out

There's always growth in the process

There’s always growth in the process

When people lie about you and pass along entire conversations that never took place, it helps to look at it from their point of view: Whatever the actual issue, it was not enough to make their case. The evidence would not stand on its own. Part of them cannot accept that. Part of them cannot see cause and effect. And it’s not up to you or me to judge when they need to do that.  We don’t know what brought them to this place. If you’ve been chosen as the most convenient mirror for them to work their own stuff out, quietly recognize that for the holy honor it is. Rather than soul search why the inability to control impulse to fabricate, word twist, name drop and exaggerate, their way of working out their stuff requires they do these things. Continue reading

Asking for prayers. I’ve forgiven but don’t want to re-engage

prayer requestI’m asking for prayers to help me make a decision. Someone who has spoken untruths against me all year now wants to make peace. They have been forgiven however I’m hesitant to re-engage them. I’m asking friends to hold this in their prayers. She is someone I have known for 20 years through many situations with many different people. It is only because a close mutual friend asked that I am taking a long look at this. ASIDE:  It’s interesting to note who’s written me thinking this was about them. To them I say: if it seems to fit, then contemplate the mirror, your judgment of it and your issue with it. That’s the first thing I do if I think something is about me.  It’s seldom about me. So all I’m asking for is prayers to help me make a decision.

This is what happens when a little girl gives marijuana a try

Charlotte FigiThe three year old had been having 300 grand mal seizures every week since age 3 months. The first time she was given cannabis oil, her seizures stopped for 7 days. This is what legalization is all about. Charlotte Figi was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome. Her father scoured the Internet looking for anything that would help her. He found a video online of a California boy whose Dravet was being successfully treated with cannabis. The strain was low in tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the compound in marijuana that’s psychoactive. It was also high in cannabidiol, or CBD, which has medicinal properties but no psychoactivity. Scientists think the CBD quiets the excessive electrical and chemical activity in the brain that causes seizures. It had worked in this boy; his parents saw a major reduction in the seizures. Continue reading

When you see behind their mask, let the timeline speak for itself

Woman with MaskWhen you see behind their mask, if they are not ready to face who they are and what they do, they will disconnect from you until they grow into their soul. Until then, they may talk about you, each lie more ridiculous than the last, trying to get you to publicly respond so they can continue their 15 minutes of fame.  Speak your truth as it happens and let the public timeline speak for itself.

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Things outside neither bind nor liberate you.

As the mind, so the man; bondage or liberation are in your own mind. If you feel bound, you are bound. If you feel liberated, you are liberated. Things outside neither bind nor liberate you. Only your attitude toward them does that. Becky Willison

The Winter Solstice bonfire metaphor and why we’re cooked faster by some people than others

logs in fire I spent some time watching a fire this early Winter Solstice morning.  I love to watch the logs and how they burn and interact with each other at the various stages of engulfment and disintegration.  Just like we humans as we cook the ego and become more ash, more of the essence we are.  I watched the logs burn more brightly when they were together, and eventually mesh into one mass of ash.  I watched a log off by itself, still burning though not as brightly.  Just like us. We can be a small bright light in a dark world but when others join, we can light up the sky.  I put a marshmallow on a stick and tried various cooking distances from the flame.  I found it cooked even when just barely within the space of the pit, though of course cooked faster as it marshmallow-roastapproached the flame itself.  A great metaphor for my own social interaction.  I am cooked faster by some people and events than by others, depending on how close to the situation I want to get, and how much I allow. Sometimes all it takes is a light toasting, other times a scorching. It’s nice to know I’m in charge of whether or not I ever get burned.