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Jesus in disguise

Is it not true that you might be Jesus in disguise?
I might be?
Only in treating each other this way now will we know for sure.

The Question by Rumi

One Dervish to another, What was your vision of God’s presence?  I haven’t seen anything.  But for the sake of conversation, I’ll tell you a story.   God’s presence is there in front of me, a fire on the left,  a lovely stream on the right.  One group walks towards the fire, into the fire, another toward the sweet flowing water.  No one knows which are blessed and which not.  Whoever walks into the fire appears suddenly in the stream.  A head goes under on the water surface, that head pokes out of the fire.  Most people guard against going into the fire,  and so end up in it.  Those who love the water of pleasure and make it their devotion are cheated with this reversal.  The trickery goes further.  The voice of the fire tells the truth saying, I am not fire.  I am fountainhead. Come into me and don’t mind the sparks. Continue reading

Betsy Shanahan May 24, 1957 – December 9, 2011

The Light shines on

Betsy Shanahan

Betsy’s sister writes:  Betsy’s pain and struggle to breath are over. She was transfered to Hospice care on December 8th and apparently she thought there was somewhere else she would rather be because less than 12 hours later at 1:50am she peacefully took her last breath, holding the hand of a hospice nurse early Friday morning.  It was such a shock to all of us.  She has been freed from her pain and suffering brought on by the Pulmonary Fibrosis and is now at peace.  She is now in a much better place where she breaths in only wonderful, sweet air and is now in the world she has always imagined. I want to thank all my family and friends who have lent me their ears, shoulders and arms to help me through these last couple months. I love you all! There are no words that can ever thank you for your kindness and friendship. To all of Betsy’s friends who have left such wonderful messages on her Facebook page, we will have a celebration of her life sometime after the first of the year. Please check her Facebook page in early January for details. Continue reading

I just discovered voice to text on the new phone

I bought a new cell phone the other day and have been getting used to the virtual keyboard by entering my 255 contacts in by hand.   48 hours later, I feel comfortable with the keyboard, although it’s neither quick nor easy yet.  I’m reading the manual over a couple of times and just discovered the “voice to text” feature.   I just tap on the little microphone image, then  speak the words and it types them.   Who knew??!!  Yay for modern technology!

Come to your lovemaking as Shiva and Shakti would

What is our purpose in being together if we do not enrich each other and those around us?  A friend and I were discussing sex.  She is a very spiritual person but considers sex and spirituality in two different worlds. The greatest optical illusion is separation.  Tantra teaches that all aspects of life are special and sacred. It’s the idea of creating heaven on earth and viewing yourself as a god or goddess.  In tantra, you learn to form a spiritual connection with everything and everyone. I wrote at Pop Tantra, being single and the elements of a tantric lifestyle that tantra is a lifestyle, which may or may not include a sexual practice. We’re talking here though specifically about the sexual practice, where you worship your Beloved as the embodiment of God. If you do not have a partner, you simply do the practice on your own using visualization.

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When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills. — Chinese proverb

Not aiming high enough on my virtual keyboard – and my life?

LG Optimus V keyboard

I bought a new cell phone yesterday and am getting used to the virtual keyboard.  It feels like I am using it with oven mitts on, but I’m getting better.  My problem is I’m so used to being heavy handed and that habit causes me to press more than just the one key.  Also I haven’t yet learned where the center of gravity and balance is for my right thumb as it touches the keypad at the angle my hand holds it.  I keep aiming for the center of the key, which causes me to hit the key below it.  I should instead be aiming for the top of the key and only lightly touch down on it.  I’m sure as I continue to do it, that part of my thumb will morph into the perfect stylus.  With all the body modification stuff, surely they can implant a heat conducting thumb stylus for easy texting on a tiny keypad.  I’ve got some fine motor damage in my fingers and tiny typing is good exercise for keeping them nimble. Continue reading

Some Essential Herbs for a Healing Bath

A healing bath

Lavender: This is one of the most common herbs used in herbal baths. It is used to fight depression and relieve tension and stress. Lavender’s name is derived from the Latin verb “to wash.” Romans and Greeks used the herb for its fresh aroma which has both an uplifting and balancing effect. Continue reading

How psychometry works for me

What do these keys tell you?

A friend returned a drum yesterday and asked me if drumming helped or hurt my carpal tunnel when I was having a flareup.  I told her I didn’t know if drumming aggravated it.  I was more afraid to lose sensitivity in my fingers since that’s how I read photographs and physical items.   It may be that I think it’s important to have the skin on my fingers be uncalloused, when it’s not important at all — but if I have the belief it matters, then it will matter.   I’m working on it,  I can surprise myself too when I don’t expect it.   Once after the car accident of September 2000 when both hands and arms were in splints up to the elbow, someone put their sweater over the splint (for me to hold it for her) and — surprise — I totally read it, no problem. Continue reading