First Horizons Newsletter gets emailed out; Kudos to brother Jerry

Friday, December 26, 2008  9am
Well,  I got the first Horizons newsletter emailed out and afterward discovered to my horror that in the “From” line was the nickname of a favorite kitty I had when I was a kid.  My brother is always embedding secret messages in our work, text that no one else gets to see but is written in the code so I see it when I am nosing around in the control panel.  Messages like “get out of the control panel now, little sister”.

So I had no idea my childhood cat’s goofy name was going to show up in the “From” address line to everyone I sent it out to.  I can’t find how to change it, and my bratty brother has probably taken himself into work and it will be hours and hours before it gets fixed.   And he’s going to ask me first thing if I sent a test to myself and we all know the answer to that…   Hmmmppph!  So much for me giving a professional impression on my first newsletter.  Well, I have been working on image lately…

Actually, I have to give kudos to my brother Jerry for getting my new website and blog and newsletter online.  He did all the setup for the WebStudio, WordPress and PHP software, so all I have to do is literally type into it.  I like when I have someone smarter than me that I can count on to give a helping hand.  As Abraham-Hicks says, it’s nice to have a friend upstream.

Of the two of us, he chose to take the braver and more adventurous route, and had a gang of kids and grandkids with his high school sweetheart wife.  He has a curious mind and always has several projects going, and he is a mad scientist inventor, always creating new technologies.  He is always reading some complicated technical something.  He’s a very good psychic (a real one)  and is very much into remote viewing.  And he always makes time to do things that make my life easier.  Thanks, brothermine!

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