What I found I was reflecting out into the world

The sun wakes me up as it shines into my east window.  To keep my room dark, I draw the blinds.  That creates a mirror effect on the window from the outside.  Lately, the cardinals have been perching on the security bars and pecking at the window.  A lot.  Finally yesterday I went outside to see if I could see what they saw, to figure out why they were suddenly doing what they were doing.  I looked.  I saw.  I had caused it.  My behavior had caused them to change their behavior.  I did not like their new behavior.  Their new behavior could not change unless I made a change in what I did to cause the situation.  The morning sun was now reflecting back the garden scene I’d newly created in the new patio area, with plants, lattice and bamboo bones. My fix was to put a sheet of bamboo fencing in between the security bars and the window.  It worked like a charm.  This was a good reminder to stay mindful of what I do, since it affects others, too.  To make sure what I am reflecting out into the world is what I intend.




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