When unhappy thoughts surface, have replacement thoughts ready to pivot to

In response to a post about memories of childhood abuse, a friend wrote on Facebook “I can create hell with my mind. In that way I may open the gates of heaven or the gates of hell.”  It is not always easy to turn off the echoes of the past.  But to stay happy, we must stop re-running thoughts of past tortures.  We must find replacement thoughts so we can intentionally pivot our mind to happier thoughts when the less happy memories surface.  That means go through your thought bank and take note of every happy thing ever, and write them down and keep them at hand.  When the tortured thoughts come up, read your notes and your happy thoughts.  That will move you into a different vibrational resonance, and from there you will attract a different experience. In the meantime, have compassion for whoever cannot so easily achieve that under the circumstances they have unintentionally attracted to themselves, especially if it it you.

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