Using The Secret For Successful Marketing: How the Law of Attraction Can Bring You More Business

Conventional marketing tells us how we need to target our market, use specific headlines, run an ad more than 6 times, as well as a long list of other marketing ploys. However, thanks to Abraham-Hicks, we now know that the success of advertising, as with everything else, is not so much dependent upon the action that is taken (designing and placing the ad) as it is on the consciousness from which the action is taken. That is, what you think about your business, about your abilities, and about what you have to offer. That also means you take charge of your internal dialogue.

For someone whose attitude is, ”Hmmm, business is down, so let me put a few lines in, even though it’s the slow season. It couldn’t hurt and it’s only a few bucks,” then their response will reflect that. Remember that the response you receive always mirrors your real – and sometimes unconscious – core belief and attitude on the topic. In this case, that might be “I don’t feel real hopeful and motivated, so I probably won’t attract more than I am attracting already.” Realize that in “the real world,” – the metaphysical world of energy exchange – you can’t expect people to be more enthusiastic about your business than you are.

A more helpful attitude might be, “I believe so much in what I’m doing that I expect to be rewarded amply for it. While I am feeling enthusiastic and hopeful about my business, I will order or design an ad (or flyer or poster) that will reflect to everyone just how dedicated I am, and everyone who sees it will catch a glimpse of my joy in doing what I do. I will make a commitment to give this ad 3 or 6 months to work for me and after that I will re-evaluate the situation and see if I’m satisfied with what I’m attracting.”

Then, during the time your ad runs, make sure that at least twice daily you do a visualization session seeing people respond to your ad. Envision the calls coming in, envision new people walking in the door and being excited about what they find there. Envision opening your bank statement and seeing the balance double and triple. Envision opening your email and seeing the registrations and PayPal payments come in. Envision going out to your mailbox and opening it and seeing lots of checks with your name on them. Envision people you already know coming to class or current students taking extra classes. Envision them telling friends about it, and see them happy and excited about what you have to offer. Do these visualizations long enough and often enough that you yourself feel excited and hopeful while you are doing them.

From that consciousness, people will be drawn to you and your ad and your business. Then once you’ve attracted them, you can use conventional marketing to interest them in other products and services, if you really want to. But, as Abraham-Hicks and The Secret says, that’s doing it the hard way.

And the best part? Knowing that YOU are the one in charge of how much business you attract to yourself, that YOU alone determine what your income will be and how your time will be spent. Me? I make my visualization time the most important daily priority I have.

Oh, one more reminder: Don’t forget that everything you do and how you think and what you say in all other areas of your life also impacts your income. We know now that it’s all related.

You can’t be critical or hold grudges or be unforgiving or get aggravated by competition or the news without it impacting your income.  It’s all related.


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