How To Stop The Stupid Facebook Posts On Your Wall

The saga of the head and chest cold continues! I’m on day 10 of my cold and at this point it’s obvious it’s going to run the entire 2 weeks.  It’s been so long since I had a cold that at first I simply thought it was hay fever, since it’s the season.  Had I began taking vitamin C and grapefruit seed extract at the first sneeze, I would have nipped it in the bud. I didn’t do that. But it’s a far easier cold than it would have been.

A friend emailed he was tired of seeing the tons of stupid stuff friends posted on his Facebook Wall. I reminded him they were simply posting to THEIR OWN Facebook Wall. The reason he could see it was because he had them showing on his “News Feed”.

Simply “hide” from your News Feed whoever’s stupid stuff you don’t want to see. I thought the same thing at first until I figured out how it worked.

So they are not putting graffiti all over YOUR wall, simply their own 🙂

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