There’s still time for him to turn it all around

All we want is someone with a good heart, someone we can trust. Someone who will take the job seriously, show strength and do what he promised. He still has time to turn it all around, to educate himself, to jump into the job, surround himself with educated advisors, to do good work.  Accountability and responsibility changes people. It can cause realizations and awakenings.  Someone who is very emotionally reactive is undergoing the deep work of integrating their personality with their soul. Who am I in this life time? Who am I at my core? Like it or not, if you’re being triggered by him, he’s been placed here for you to do some soul work of your own.  

I’ve had several realizations. One is that while I support the efforts of those who march and protest, that is not my way. I’ve been made aware of how many stand ready to do the work of marching and protesting and gathering facts and getting those facts into the proper hands for review. I’ve been made aware that existing policies and laws could use revision. I’ve been made aware there are people working on that. I’m hopeful.

There’s still time to turn it all around, to be a strong, conscious leader and become beloved by the people. I’m hopeful, despite how he’s handling things right now. Right now he’s hypnotized by those around him, he’s not used to doing the critical thinking. Give him time. Don’t take score too soon. Hold the vision of his awakening and overcoming his weaknesses.

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