The process to gather momentum and amplify attraction power

dinette setA friend sent a group Facebook message this morning to several of us seeking referral to those who could help produce a fundraiser.  He graciously included a line at the end that he’d understand if any of us left the conversation. Since I had no referrals for him, I left the conversation. I almost instantly felt a twinge, as though he might take it as a snub.  Not taking the time to soul search why that was my first thought, I went to his Facebook wall to see what he was up to.  As soon as I saw his post about seeking a dinette set, I knew that I knew someone who had one for him.  I didn’t know who it was but knew there was someone.  I was right.  

When that happens, when I know that I know something’s on its way but don’t know who or what, there’s a process I use to gather momentum and amplify the attraction power.  I meditate on the idea of what I want to attract and spend a few moments running the thought over and over in my head until it begins to come alive for me, until I begin to really feel “yes, this can happen.”  From that vibrational stance, from that vibrational point of attraction, I make the Facebook post in the hopes I am focused enough to attract the right person.

I asked my friend what size dinette did he want, then I posted on Facebook: “Melbourne/ Palm Bay: A friend is seeking a dinette set, a small table no larger than 36″ round or square and set of chairs. I’ll bet you’ve got one you’d love to gift them or sell cheap. This is a manifestation project and I’d love for you to join in it.  One like this might be perfect.” Then I posted a few pics of different styles of small dinette sets. I did this to keep the momentum of the thought and vibe going on that topic, to increase the attraction power.

Then I forgot about it and went about my work day.  Nine hours later, a friend posted a pic of a dinette set she was getting ready to put on Craigslist for $20.  It looked ideal.  Another fiend chimed in saying she’d like one for her daughter.  Clearly we needed to attract another small dinette.  Someone else chimed in with one. This focus and vibrational matching works.

I’ll keep you posted.

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