Tamara, when you understand, you change

I watched the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion show because I have a client related to the show. On good behavior as they rehash the mean girl stuff they did all season long, I smile to watch their backtracking. My client has learned and grown from previous behavior and it shows: she makes far fewer outright bitchy digs. We all go through stuff like this but they’ve chosen to let theirs be televised. What a great teachable moment for them all when they watch it and see how they appear. If only we could all be recorded every moment of our lives and play it back for our own self-realization. This season, Tamara found religion and on the reunion show, born again former cast member Alexis asked Tamara why she makes such a big show of finding Jesus yet continues her hateful gossipy ways. Tamara and Heather’s reactions were they did not get it. I got it. When I begin wising up and seeing who I really was and seeing personality traits I was prone to, I made changes and my life thereafter showed it. Your daily life and your daily words show us the depth of your understanding. Oh, if we could see ourselves as others see us.

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