I’ve learned gender identity has zero to do with sexual orientation

I watch Couples Therapy on VH1, a tv series chronicling celebrity couples as they get relationship counseling from Dr. Jenn Mann, a very cool and savvy relationship therapist.  I enjoy reality shows like this, where they show the process of working through a psychological problem and coming to new understanding about who they are and what they are capable of. There are 5 couples, this is Season 6, and there’s “a psychological problem” for everyone to relate to. It’s a free therapy session for viewers, I’ve learned from Dr Jenn’s advice on the show. Cast member Carmen Carrera is a transwoman, meaning she was born a male and transitioned to a female. Other cast members wonder does that make her male partner gay? I’ve learned gender identity has zero to do with sexual orientation. Meaning someone can be born a male and want to transition to a female, yet still prefer a female partner. Sexual preference can go either way, just as for the rest of us. Our body parts are such a tiny miniscule ingredient in our loving relationships. What we have is not nearly as important as what we think about ourselves and who we are with.

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