Psychic Fair Sunday November 22, 2015 at Book and Bead in Merritt Island. Have your questions ready.

psychic reader2-9-14 reading at Book and Bead copyThe next psychic fair will be Sunday November 22, 2015, at Book And Bead Outlet Merritt Island from 11:00am – 4:00pm. Readings are just $12 for 10 minutes. Call Chris at 321-453-2665 if you’d like an advance appointment. See the event flyer and store coupon –> here. See some of your favorite psychics including me! Stop by and say hi in person. FREE Admission. 950 N. Courtenay Pkwy in Merritt Island,FL 32953 just north of 520, located behind McDonald’s, turn right into shopping plaza.  At our session, have your questions ready.  At psychic fairs where mini readings are limited to 10 minutes in a crowded room, you’ll ask me a question.  “I don’t have a question,” many say, ” just tell me what you see around me.”     

Which is fine if we’re alone in a quiet setting without a 10 minute timer ready to go off.  I know they think they are just “testing to see if I’m real,” but what it does is redirect their focus and prepave resistance and doubt.  To have no question is like walking into a library and saying “I’d like a book, please.”  The more focused the question, the more specific the answer. Bring me 10 questions and we’ll go through them one by one. You’ll have focused enough intention into them in the time it took you to write the questions that by the time we sit together at my table, it won’t matter how crazy busy and crowded the psychic fair is. The energy you poured into the writing of the questions will start the flow, prime the pump, so you can get 10 minutes of guidance and answers rather than a 10 minute guessing game of vague generalities.  Like going to the ocean, you are the one who decides whether you walk away with a thimble full or a truckload of.

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