I’m Still Seeking Referrals for Accurate Psychic Readers

2-9-14 reading at Book and Bead copyMost of you know that I publish Horizons (Florida’s new age magazine), and have a psychic reading practice as well. I am not doing them right now and need someone to refer appointments to for psychic readings (not spiritual counseling, not intuitive advice.) Someone who can give accurate, detailed info about what is happening now and predictions for the future. If you know someone consistently accurate, let me know. Here’s the deal: I get calls for far more readings than I can schedule. If you want to be considered for referral by clients who call me for a reading, this is what I need from you:  Give me a sample reading by Facebook message or email to horizonsmagazine@gmail.com on any area of my life.  For the sample reading:  

Just a quick 10 minutes (or 20 lines of email) is fine, nothing extended.  No readings about writing, publishing, teaching.  There are many things and people going on in my life that I don’t write or talk about. I won’t ask any questions, I’ll just ask you to tell me the first impressions that you pick up about me.  I won’t tell you if you are correct, I will just either refer clients to you or not.  If you are incorrect and I choose to not refer clients, I know that is no reflection on your skills with others. Not everyone vibes with everyone.

Horizons Magazine was designed to pay for itself, but not to create income.  My personal income is from my psychic reading practice.  I have an ongoing group of regular clients.  I’m now booked well into the year.  I’d like to have a few psychics I could refer callers to, not just to lighten the load, but to offer others a quality of service I can personally testify to.

While many readings may also include spiritual counseling, mentoring and coaching, my clients are seeking a straight psychic reading.  This is where they expect me to give accurate and detailed information about what is going on in their lives right now, and predictions and forecasts for the future. I encourage my clients to keep notes and record our readings, and to check their notes every few months.  They have gotten too many vague and general and counseling-type readings through the years, and that is not what they are calling me for.

Some clients also want psychic mediumship, to contact loved ones in spirit.  This is where they expect me to give detailed info about who appears for me, describing the visitor, describing their dress and anything that is around them (especially animals,) giving names if I have them, giving relationship, giving details such as childhood nicknames or events.  I am seeking a reader who is able to do the same. I understand not everyone works this way.

So then I got several responses.  You tell me which one you would want a reading from:

Reader No. 1:
You’ve been through much strife
The Universe is pulling at you.
You’re reflecting what you came here for.
The next year will be one of expression and creativity.
Teamwork will be strong this year.
Spirit is preparing you to be open and receptive.

Reader No. 2
If you don’t move, you will move your energy in another direction.
You will be totally in synch with your prosperity this year.
You will meet a successful man who is a love interest. (33 months later, not yet)
The next phase looks like happiness, love and travel and money.
Does the word “doll” mean anything to you?  (no)
Anything about your mother and a doll? (no)

Reader No. 3:
You’re being pulled in many directions.
You’re going up the ladder, pushing hard to get there and determined.
Something about Cocoa Florida.
Nothing passes you by, you are very shrewd and sharp.
You trust hardly anybody but yourself.
Your guides are very proud of you.

Reader No. 4
You are on psychic overload and that’s why you get headaches. (I don’t get headaches)
Your left foot needs to be aligned, with massage near the third toe.
A past life connection is interfering with your alignment.
There is a constriction in the solar plexus.
The 3rd eye chakra needs to be cleared.
Your body is functioning on a higher vibration and needs to have more rest and relaxation.

Reader No. 5
Very soon a journey by plane. (48 months later, not yet)
Don’t cry over spilled milk; let go of things because better things come, let the past bury the past.
You are balancing choices between 2 people and finances have to be considered. (48 months later, not yet)
You have to avoid a masculine character who uses energy in a negative way.
There will be changes for you bringing great happiness.
Falseness will be revealed to you, someone will be presenting a false front.
The eye of God is watching over you and you see what you need to see.

Reader No. 6
Right now your life is exactly the way you want it. You have clear vision.
You decide what you want you put it out there.
You have become proficient at allowing the delivery of that which you desire.
You know what is coming for yourself.
There is a gentleman on the way and he is truly gentle… brilliant and great and fair in business. Additionally, fun is very important to him and to you so that you will know the joy that you are. You compliment each other in a myriad of ways….love of adventure and nature.

Reader No. 7
A low hanging branch, someone on a bicycle.
A black pickup truck and a mailbox.  It’s a holiday.
A contract rescinded, then reinstated in another name.
Someone named Becky; two pets with the same name.
Moving big rocks like a puzzle; a joke about Barnie Rubble.

Ok, seven readers.  Which style of reading do you prefer?   Bearing in mind that within the past 3 weeks, these things have occurred:

I’ve have run into a low hanging branch on my bike while riding after dark.

On Mother’s Day, I watched from the office window as 2 neighbor kids in a black pickup truck took my mailbox.

A client rescinded a contract and just called Sunday to resubmit the contract using a corporate name instead of the client’s individual name.  The contract is with Becky, who has two dogs named Ceasar.  (Her daughter got the same kind of dog and named it the same thing, then moved, so Becky ended up with both dogs.)

Last week a friend stopped by while I was in my garden, moving some heavy rocks around.  She said she has a man she wants me to meet.  I said I wasn’t interested unless he was Barney Rubble and brought his crane to help me move the rocks.

So which would you think might give the best reading? Remember, I wasn’t asking for a detailed reading, just a quick few lines of impressions.  I get this all the time.  Most of these readers have been doing readings for many years.  It makes me wonder who is it that is satisfied with such vague and general information?  Who would pay for a reading like that?  Granted, there is some basic good advice across the board for everyone, but it’s not a psychic reading.

And I don’t believe everyone needs a psychic reading.  And I don’t believe real psychics are necessarily good advisors.  Some people see and don’t know, some know and don’t see.  The most satisfying combination is when they are both, like John Edward, whom I have met and experienced in person, and who is both an excellent psychic and a wise counselor.  And while it is true that real psychics are hard to find, they can be found.

My criteria is simply that they are able to tell me anything they have no other way of knowing, such as a childhood nickname or some business detail.  I am daily involved in many things I never write about or talk about.  (Hard to believe since I blab so much on Facebook, right?)  If they can give me a solid anything, then I am glad to refer clients to them.  If they tell me something that could apply to 50-90% of the population, that’s not telling me anything.  No matter how flattering and hopeful it is.

If I want spiritual counseling, I know some good ones to call. And as for psychics, maybe I’m just surprised people seem happy to settle for so little.  When we settle for the smallest drop, we don’t make room for the ocean that is waiting to flood us.  Didn’t your momma tell you not to settle?

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