Happy New Year’s Eve Eve

Yesterday was a productive day.  After the Undercarriage Incident of last week, I took my car to Brian at B & B Automotive, referred by my pal Bo Frazer who also has a Toyota Prius.  It was neat seeing the car up on the rack, checking out what all was underneath.  It was easy to see how the undercarriage part fit together and how it had become free.  So Brian ordered the replacement part from Toyota and he can replace it for me next week.  I’d spoken to Brian first thing in the morning and he told me to stop by about 5pm and see if he had a lift free.  My spidey sense alerted me at 3:30 to get in the car and drive over there an hour early.  As I arrived, Brian said it was good timing, that he just now got a lift available.  I love it when I listen.

After my phone call to Brian, I went to the post office to mail some stacks of magazines off, then to WalMart.  They had smoked turkey legs in the warmer where they keep the rotiserre chickens near the checkout counters, so I bought one.  They only have them during holiday time.  I posted on Facebook that it was so big I think it was really a pterodactyl leg.

I drove home about 6pm and saw the almost full moon rising high in the east sky.  I parked and came inside and changed into my sweats since the air was pretty chill – about 55 degrees at sundown.  I took a quick walk around the property to make my nightly rounds.  I like to see if the armadillos have uprooted any more animal bones, they nose around all night long.  Remember New Year’s Eve is full moon and a blue moon (a real blue moon), at that.

I’m getting ready for my burning bowl ceremony and I’m going to eat light today and tomorrow to make up in advance for any overindulging I might do during New Year’s Eve.

I wish I’d thought of that 30 years ago.

Happy New Year’s Eve Eve.

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