Donate $1.00 if I’ve ever helped you or made you smile

Friends, if I’ve ever done you a favor or loaned you money or connected you with someone helpful or made you smile or given you hope or comfort, this is your chance to donate $1.00 to me, or $3.00 or $5.   You can do this by using the “donate” button at the Horizons Magazine website to Paypal to , you can Zelle to or Venmo @Andrea-de-Michaelis.  Consider it a tithe to the Universe. It will return to you manyfold.   Thank you for your kind generosity. The links below will help you create more dollars for yourself. Enjoy, and thank you.

An 8 minute creative visualization to increase dollars
A Creative Visualization to Attract Dollars
How can you expect a $$ windfall when you are on a fixed income?
The Creative Visualization Process
Creative Visualization the 51% rule
Money/supply comes out of us like an oak from an acorn
A visualization to funnel money from the sky into your bank account

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