Law of Attraction — it’s not a moral issue, it’s force and effect

This whole “LOA” thing is most frustrating because you’ve got people who DON’T understand how it WORKS telling others how it works. Then folks wonder why it doesn’t work. The bottom line is whatever you focus on in the Now lays the groundwork for what your future experience will be.  By your FOCUS, you’re saying to the Universe “I want to feel more of WHAT I FEEL when I focus on this.

Lotsa folks get caught up in LOA as a moral issue, saying “you can’t just ignore all the problems of the world.” It’s NOT a moral issue (neither is gravity btw), it’s force and effect, it’s HOW the process works. Whatever you pay attention to, you attract more of. You get what you think about, whether you want it not. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll attract a car crash or race riot or be the victim of a criminal act or wrongfully charged with child sex trafficking. 

It just means that – however you FEEL when you watch those things, however you FEEL when you think of those things – what you’re attracting into your future experience – by your CONTINUED FOCUS on it — is some future person, incident or news story that will make you FEEL more of that feeling, then another, then another UNTIL YOU CHANGE YOUR FOCUS.

So… what? A friend used the example do you just let child sex trafficking happen and do nothing? (Except go on social media to complain about the injustice?) No. You think about how it makes you FEEL when you read about it. You know you DON’T want to continue feeling that way. So you either take your focus OFF the topic altogether, or you do something productive.

You ask yourself how do I WANT to feel as I view this situation? “I want to feel hopeful that a solution can be found, I want to feel there’s a way to freedom from oppression. I want to be guided to be of use. I want to help close that loophole. I want to help connect ppl who can help make a difference.” Then you begin looking for solutions and focus all your attention there.

You use a “negative” feeling as a jumping off point to clarify for yourself how you would prefer to feel, and how that might look. In doing that, you’re still focusing on the situation but doing it from a hopeful stance, looking for solutions, open to guidance.

“But if I take my attention off the child sex trafficking,” my friend asked, “will my washer start working again? Will my power bill go down? Will my mother in law decide to finally leave?”

Possibly. But FOR SURE when your attention is directed to something more pleasant (whether it’s a circus or a solution,) you’re removing resistance from the equation and things get better for you in your personal life.