Healers who are conspiracy theorists: How does that help heal the world?

As I posted a long Washington Post QAnun article on Facebook recently, I thought, very few are gonna read something that long. I wouldn’t. Unless it’s a compelling topic. But as publisher of Florida’s new age magazine since 1992, I am VERY interested in how some of the “spiritual” community gets caught up in the crazy tales. I do not disagree that 1) a group is (always) trying to control the political and social order, nor that 2) humanity is undergoing a ‘paradigm shift’ in consciousness.

I’m talking about these spiritual friends’ continued focus on theories of national Democrats, Hollywood and global elites running pedophile rings, child trafficking, cannibalization and satanism, asking if I saw Biden stumbling down the stairs, letting all the sex slave traders in at the border and calling Kamala “President?” When one said “Biden’s got dementia, has done nothing but undo all the good Trump did,” I knew we had different news sources. 

Rational people don’t parrot fake news and propaganda headlines, they have actual convos using full sentences. I don’t wanna hear criticism or mockery, send me links from credible, unbiased media. Show me actual evidence of actions taken and issues resolved, not someone else’s opinion and biased commentary.

Each day, a quick glance at APNews and Reuters for headlines, then over to Fox and Infowa to see how they spin it. It helps me understand a lot about their readers, some of whom may be FBF or real life pals.

Friends ask what I think of some yoga (faux-ga they call it) teachers being conspiracy theorists and Biden bashers, when yoga literally means UNION. Shouldn’t they be teaching UNION and acceptance and tolerance? WE’RE EITHER ALL ONE OR WE AREN’T. The thing is, you can get “certified in 200 hours” to teach yoga postures and set out your shingle. I’ve known more than a few Jekyll and Hyde yogis who yo-yo between their “spiritual” persona and their real selves and I hear about it from their attendees all the time. That’s why you watch what people do in all aspects of their lives before deciding if it’s a helpful relationship. Take what someone has to offer you if it’s helpful. But know when it’s time to step away for a change.

Many of these friends are self proclaimed healers, yet their time is spent mocking and criticizing political figures and repeating disproven conspiracy claims. As a healer, when you do this, how does this help heal the world? Yes, it awakens people to what (you think) is going on but unless you have a solution, you’re just complaining.

Healers focus on helping people understand the deeper significance of what’s going on in their personal lives right now, how they attracted it, how to move thru it. And you don’t do that with a meme about Pizzagate.

Change the focus AWAY from criticizing everything that someone tells you is happening and focus TOWARD something that’s helpful for your future.