The April 2021 Horizons is now online and here are the horoscopes

April 2021

The mag is now online at April 2021 Horizons.  On page 6 in the flipbook version,  I welcomed you to the March mag but I meant April.  Here are the horoscopes:

Aries – (March 19 – April 18)
Beautiful assets in your game! In your sign, the Sun up until the 19th, Mercury from the 5th to the 19th, and Venus to the 14th, gives you a warm and enthusiastic appreciation of your personality. Your ideas fuse, your charisma is certain, no matter what you undertake your chances of succeeding are strong. Mars, your planet, is in beautiful aspect to your sign until the 23rd and favors your contacts and your movements, plus your morale is excellent! You’ll be more focused and calm after the 24th, Mars rolls into your area related to your home. Friendships are constructive and evolving especially for the last two decans. Your socio-professional sector is still undergoing some changes, adapt, last decan. From the 20th, the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Taurus takes care of your financial business, it moves in the right direction.

For half of the month you feel in good shape and this has a positive impact on your inner circle. You attract compliments, easy-going situations or people who suit you. You seduce as much by your well placed words as by your pleasant and seductive behaviors. After the 20th, your charm seems to be elsewhere!

Harmony is at the rendezvous, your emotional life flows happily when you’re close to your other half and this makes you well. A healthy libido animates you, enough to make you return to your home as soon as your work is done! Demonstrative and warm until the 20th, you are more relaxed then quieter but still in love.

Your social melting pot and your neighborhood could well facilitate a quality meeting throughout the month, open your eyes! Energetic and enterprising your powerful words, until the 19th, could touch the heart of the person you covet. Go out, organize a trip, your chances are real!

Taurus – (April 19 – May 19)
Introspection and a spot light on your personality! A planetary cluster in Aries until the 19th, invites you to think and perhaps to prepare for the start of some projects that you would like to see happen. Do not panic, your secondary personality adapts very well to these preparatory energies, especially Mars in Gemini until the 23rd, which also boosts your rapport to your wealth: balance this sector. First decan, Uranus jostles you a bit, the best is yet to come. Your socio-professional destiny is in turmoil, Jupiter and Saturn are busy transforming what must be, accompany this process, last two decans. From the 20th, the Sun, Mercury and Venus facilitate your achievements! Mars is in Cancer during the last week, he promotes your exchanges and your paternalistic side. You are loved!

For half of the month until the 14th, your feelings and your amorous impulses are timid, you are modest and reserved. Then, your behavior becomes warmer thanks to Venus in your sign from the 15th to the 20th, your charisma and your pronounced sensuality is fully expressed. Your libido is delicate and tender after the 23rd. It’s a nice end of the month to fully enjoy!

The celestial energies could invite you, in your relationship, to a little temporary detachment but you will turn this corner for the better. After the 14th, Venus in your sign wonderfully boosts your sensuality and your desires. Your feelings for your partner are powerful again. Success!

Throughout half the month, a past love of could come back to your life unexpectedly, whether it’s during a trip, a message in writing or the spontaneous help of a friend. Your chances of meeting a new love are clear during the last week. Be patient!

Gemini – (May 20 – June 19)
Your social circle is outstanding your dynamism is powerful ! The energies of Aries, in harmony with your sign, awaken your desires for projects and your wish to be surrounded by your friends. Mercury, your planet, in Aries from the 5th to the 19th, supports your exchanges and facilitates your projects and your thoughts. Your morale is good, your decisions are effective. Mars in your sign until the 23rd, accentuates your dynamism, nothing and no one hinders your desires! Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius promote your inner evolution and your ideal of life; you gain maturity, last two decans. From the 20th, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus in Taurus, invite you to a healthy introspection, people from your past or past events return to your path in a perfectly unexpected way, first decan especially. Surprises!

Until the 15th, you are enthusiastic and warm, your impulses are direct and joyful. Your love life is enjoyable, your desires and feelings are in tune. After the 15th, you are calmer and less demonstrative. The emotional sphere can be lived a little away from the world. Adapt during the month to these two very different climates.

The monthly energies invite you to get out of your daily routine and go together to meet your friends and share good times and leisure! Until the 15th, you express your feelings frankly towards your partner, then Venus and Mars move away from you and you are shy!

Ultra-dynamic and hyper communicating, you have know how to be seductive with your words and prompt gestures until the 20th. Your chances of meetings are real if you quickly grasp the opportunities that the sky has concocted for you, focus your efforts in matters of the heart on your social circle or when traveling, they will be as happy as they are unforeseen!

Cancer – (June 20 – July 21)
Your socio-professional destiny is in focus and exchanges are beautiful and friendly! A cluster in Aries, the Sun and Mercury until the 19th, then Venus until the 14th, announces a spot light on your career or your destiny, the energies provoke challenges to be taken up. Mars in Gemini until the 23rd reinforces an idea of challenge with a tendency to be secret or to be a little passive. From the 24th, Mars in your sign, upsets the deal and fully boosts your personality. Your life with your love or partner continues its moult, last decan. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius awaken your interest in your financial or sensual affairs, evolution or exaggeration, last two decans. From the 20th, the Sun and Mercury in Taurus announce a lot of friendly contacts as well as a beautiful realization of your projects!

For half of the month, your amorous impulses are diluted a little by too much haste or on the contrary hesitation, refocus on your important capacity to love. Your libido is discreet and powerful for the whole last week! After the 20th, the energies of Taurus serve your intimate sensual and delicate nature, your feelings take a prime position!

An intimate intensity could revive a seduction that is both lively and warm between you and your lover! This climate could jostle you a bit, welcome this wave of emotional benefit. After the 20th, you find your fundamentals, your other half and they become the center of your thoughts and your heart!

Love can fall on you with lightning and fire but it is not certain that it will settle down in the long run. You are active and communicating but love that comes on too fast makes you run away. After the 20th, the universe favors everything that touches you intimately: calm and pleasure. It’s your turn to play!

Leo – (July 22 – August 21)
A powerful idealism and a socio-professional destiny to honor! The monthly energies invite you to reaffirm your commitments, whether to yourself or to others! Your royal nature will appreciate this highlighting of your values and this until the 20th. A nervous, active dynamism, propels your friendships towards a greater fulfilling and your projects are on fire thanks to Mars in Gemini, in beautiful aspect to your sign until the 23rd. The intimate sphere of relationship always welcomes Jupiter and Saturn, last two decans, your choices facilitate an evolution and a stabilization of this sector. From the 20th, the climate changes under the influx of Taurus square to your sign, tensions are possible in your work or in general, Let it go, let it be and do not try to change the events, on the contrary, accompany them!

Burning passion and a high libido! Venus is in Aries until the 14th and boosts the expression of your feelings that are warm, happy and proud! Love transports you,and you love to be in love, your partner is pampered. Beyond the 20th, a hint of jealousy could appear on the horizon of your love life, relax, you are unique and so flamboyant!

Until the 20th, your couple receives beautiful harmonious and passionate energies, your other half should revive an emotional and sensual intensity in you, which is very pleasant. Mars promotes your outings together and your meetings, as stimulating as you had wished. After the 20th, compensate for a drop in this intensity with tender exchanges.

Great opportunities are announced especially if you travel or frequent your social circle until the 20th. Spring often rhymes with renewal, make the most of an easy communication, which is direct and spontaneous to facilitate your exchanges. After the 20th, the sky invites you to temper your intimate requirements, wait if necessary.

Virgo – (Aug 22 – Sept 21)
Transformations and an ideal of life in evolution! A planetary cluster in Aries with the Sun and Mercury (your planet) until the 19th and Venus until the 14th, invites you to impose a powerful introspection on your relationship to money. It also means changes or metamorphoses because your practical and rational approach is jostled by subtle energies. Jupiter and Saturn boost the sphere of work and health, and you will see improvement in these areas, last two decans. Moreover, the socio-professional destiny is subject to the powerful energy of Mars, who inspires you to confidently accompany the rapidity of events likely to happen during this month. After the 20th, a bucolic and sensual climate settles down for your sign, your concept of life evolves, your sometimes timid optimism becomes clearer. In the last week, build castles in the sky!

Until the 20th, a destabilizing intensity for your intimate nature, could force you to review your emotional fundamentals and give you a moment of reflection and introspection concerning your way of loving. Mars wakes up your brain-based libido all month long, mischievousness and tenderness. From the 21st, you find your emotional serenity so dear to your heart, calm, charm and pleasure!

Neptune always increases your perception of your other half, your exchanges are based on intuition and sometimes dreams, especially the last decan. During the month, you express your love with ardor but also clumsiness until the 19th, a surprise for your partner! Then, you find the delicacy of your gestures and words.

It is not obvious that you will meet that special someone during this month. However, Mars promotes your general destiny, a meeting based on sensuality is possible, will you be satisfied? Wait until the 20th for a more lasting romance, more in keeping with your sensitive emotional nature.

Libra – (Sept 22 – Oct 21)
Focus on your intimate relationships and your beautiful idealistic energy! Until the 20th, the energies of Aries shake up your conjugal or associative relationship sector, your partner or the others take on a lot of importance. Venus, your planet, sometimes in Aries until the 14th and then in Taurus from the 15th to the 30th, changes your way of being, conquering at first then more relaxed but no less sensual! Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, in beautiful aspect to your sign, open constructive and evolutionary emotional perspectives, last two decans. Mars supports your socio-professional destiny until the 23rd, you are fighting and nothing scares you! A bit of tension in the home remains possible, last decan, as well as a little melancholy in your daily life, same decan. From the 20th, your sensuality skyrockets, your thoughts are deep, you embody the intensity!

An important evolution in your way of loving continues its work in depth thanks to Jupiter and Saturn, your intimate nature opens more to perennial loves and becomes devoid of frivolity. Until the 20th, your partner is fundamental, your temperament brought to the union is seen here reinforced in its quest. You could live something beautiful, presently or in the future.

Your other half takes their place in front of you until the 20th. Your exchanges are very important, you listen to them and you expect them to do the same with you. The energies of Aries jostle a little your natural diplomacy, stay calm. From the 21st, passion consumes you two!

Surprising opportunities until the 20th to meet someone who matches your most specific expectations, love at first sight thanks to the influx of Venus in Aries until the 19th! Unless during a trip, your heart does not budge. Bet on your legendary charisma after the 21st!

Scorpio – (Oct 22 – Nov 20)
Daily life and relationship life are in the spotlight! The influx of Aries until the 19th warms up the sphere of work and the daily routine, your energy will be important. Relieve yourself from possible family or home conflicts, Jupiter and Saturn, square to your sign, shake up these areas, so choose to let go and forgive, last two decans. Mars in Gemini until the 23rd, endows you with a rich and imaginative libido, your monetary resources could also increase via your partner or others! From the 24th to the 30th, Mars invites you to travel and leave your everyday life. Your morale is good, thanks to Pluto. From the 20th, the energies of Taurus give pride to your intimate life, you could live marital love with all the intensity that characterizes you!

Until the middle of the month, you express your love with warmth, in your daily life or at your work. Your sensuality is powerful with a touch of intellect allowing you to innovate in your intimate approaches. From the 20th, your ego must adapt to the other in order to share love in its most tender and carnal expression.

Throughout this month the universe promotes your married life, Venus sometimes in Aries sometimes in Taurus, animates your love life beautifully. You excel in emotional matters when it comes to proving your feelings, your panache combined with unparalleled intensity in the zodiac delights your partner and promotes your relationship.

Your desires are important until the 23rd, you will not spare your efforts to make an emotional meeting that may represent a challenge to mobilize you! Focus your attention on the professional sphere or when traveling, love is hidden there. You are romantic, last decan, take advantage of a beautiful soul!

Sagittarius – (Nov 21– Dec 20)
The spotlight is on your loves and relationships! A beautiful cluster in Aries announces beneficial events for your sign concerning your love life and creativity for parents if you have children. Your morale is at the top from the 5th to the 19th, optimism and joie de vivre! Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, harmoniously connected to your Sun signal an evolution and a solid possibility to build long-term relationships in agreement with your true self, last two decans. Mars facing your sign until the 23rd, invites you to negotiate and accept the opinions of others in your private sphere under pain of living passionate but conflictual relationships. From the 20th, energies in Taurus boost your daily or professional life, open up, give the best of yourself!

A beautiful month in perspective! Your emotional sector receives the promising beneficial energies of the Sun until the 19th, and Mercury from the 5th to the 19th and from Venus until the 14th. Your passionate, feisty, emotional nature will adore these impulses, and beautiful opportunities of happiness will be announced! Your desires will be strong, Mars facing you boosts your libido resolutely focused towards a beloved partner.

If you are able to better manage your nature that is sometimes a little excessive until the 23rd, under the influxes of Mars in Gemini, then your married life announces itself filled with love and joy. Watch your verbal communication with your other half, leave them with their ideas and freedom to think. Until the 20th, it’s happiness!

Love is in the air! Jupiter and Saturn could provoke a meeting. The energies of Aries until the 20th, also favor love at first sight during a cultural or festive outing! After the 21st, keep an eye out for your work, in your everyday life, your chances run the whole month!

Capricorn – (Dec 21 – Jan 19)
A little tension in the home or family then love gets to you! The energies of Aries square to your sign until the 19th, announce some delicate moments in family or in your home. Adapt to the circumstances even if they do not always correspond to what you would have liked. Pluto always in your sign makes you stronger and deeper, last decan especially. Mars gives you a maximum of physical reactivity in your daily life or your work, act or react make your choice! From the 24th, your intimate sphere moves, stay tuned! From the 20th, the climate changes dramatically, the energies of Taurus pamper your love life and your relationship with your children if you have any, and boosts your morale!

Until the 19th, you are busy or preoccupied with managing family or residential annoyances that prevent you from living serenely with love. After the 20th, it’s quite the opposite, you are given powerful feelings, voluptuousness and pleasure of the senses. Your reserved or even slightly chilly emotional nature warms up suddenly for a successful flight. Enjoy it fully!

Your mind is elsewhere or hardly available for your other half, which foreshadows some conjugal tensions for an unfavorable scenario, a contextual distance to live patiently. Uranus always promotes your emotional creativity, from the 20th, the atmosphere gives you a smile. Together, you are good, accomplices and lovers!

You are dynamic in your daily life, this sector could reserve a pretty emotional surprise for you. However, the energies of Aries square to your constellation, require maximum adaptability in your relationships until the 19th. Beyond that your chances are real, go out, perfume yourself, a carnal encounter awaits you for the end of the month!

Aquarius – (Jan 20 – Feb 17)
Aquarius Horoscope for April 2021 :Quality exchanges and residential or family movements! The energies of Aries harmoniously connected to your sign until the 19th, favor all your contacts, your meetings, your morale and your movements. Your open nature to the world will love these three weeks of discovery in your relationships. Jupiter and Saturn, at home, boost your evolution, last two decans! Mars in Gemini in your emotional sector until the 23rd, accentuate your emotional desires, love opens your arms, what will you do with it? Last decan, Pluto acts in depth to reveal to you while Neptune invites you to monitor your financial affairs. From the 20th, a cluster in Taurus tumbles in your residential sector, stay calm if communication is escalating. Same thing in family, everyone has their vision of life, practice tolerance!

Dynamism and conquest give your approach to love a beautiful communicative energy that will not leave your entourage indifferent. For you the emotional exchanges are underpinned by implicit promises, you are seductive! Mars increases your libido and your creative power. After the 20th, an influx square to your sign announces excess, stay zen!

A burning passion slips between you two until the 19th! Your feelings are revived, you fall in love reciprocally and it’s very pleasant. Your sensuality is powerful based on sweet or naughty words, you choose! After the 20th, calm things down, the climate will be a bit delicate.

Mars energizes your spirit and could change your emotional status! Your chances of meeting someone are real, bet on cultural or festive outings, it’s possible your soulmate hides there! The Sun, Venus and Mercury in Aries largely favor your emotional quest, act promptly before the 20th!

Pisces – (Feb 18 – March 18)
Financial affairs and a nice relationship! Until the 19th, the celestial energies of Aries highlight your assets, your gifts and your professional money, all that constitutes a capital is valued or put in motion: balance? Your gentle and quiet intimate nature is challenged by these energies! Neptune always accompanies you last decan, magic perception and lightning intuition while Pluto cleans up your friendly melting pot to keep only the quintessence. March in Gemini shakes up your family life, wait until the 24th. From the 20th, a planetary cluster in Taurus, in beautiful aspect to your sign, awakens for the best your relationship sector, your thoughts and your small movements. Pretty surprises are likely, thanks to Uranus, as well as a complicity with your collateral relatives. Stay pragmatic as much as possible!

The sector of your loves does not receive any major influxes, you are free from any influence, it is up to you to make your emotional marks! Mars in Cancer as of the 24th, announces a beautiful sensual energy, before, you are cornered by your family or residential duties, release the pressure. Your feelings are explosive until the 19th, then soothed and soothing the rest of the month.

The month splits in two, up until the 19th and from the 20th to the 30th. First period, your relationship looks more at your common equity than at the love that unites you, then in the second period, the energies of Taurus favor your complicity even your conjugal osmosis. Good things come to those who wait!

Before the 20th, the energies of heaven do not frankly favor an emotional encounter. Nevertheless, Uranus in Taurus can trigger love at first sight especially for the first decan. After the 20th, the universe leaves you free of your choices, the energies of Taurus, the Sun, Mercury and Venus offer great opportunities!