A “Seance” with Andy Kaufman and Marilyn Monroe; How Can You Know if a Psychic Medium is Really Connected To Your Loved One?

I just watched a segment of a rerun from Fox TV’s Powers of the Paranormal reality show with self proclaimed Hollywood psychic Bill Burns.  One online review said “In May of 2000, the American Fox TV network broadcast a two-hour special, “Powers Of The Paranormal: Live On Stage,” which included the “séance of the century”. The medium, Bill Burns, settled down, and after some standard spirit-possession twitches went into trance and summoned the spirits of Marilyn Monroe and Andy Kaufman. The spirits rambled on about how “I remember this and that.” but when the séance was over, Burns explained that the spirits are always confused when they’re contacted because “memory is the first thing to leave the spirit when you die.”    A better class of dead people are contacted regularly by John Edward, whose “Crossing Over” TV show regularly features quite intelligible spirits.

I found that review when I was looking for a link to the video and thought it was perfect.  That website is now down. Everything Burns said at the seance was very general and vague.  His actual verbatim line was “the first thing to go is memory.”  I suppose that was to explain the lack of details he was able to give, because that’s completely NOT true and that’s how you know whether a medium is really connected to your loved one in Spirit or not.

Because they DO remember, they DO know the details, details you may even have forgotten, but can verify by going through old family records or photos.  If the medium cannot give you specifics, they do NOT have a connection with your party, plain and simple.

Attending the seance were Marilyn Monroe‘s first husband, Jim Dougherty, as well as Andy Kaufman‘s friend Bob Zmuda and Kaufman‘s girlfriend Lynn Margulies, both connected to the entertainment industry.  Absolutely nothing remarkable or even specific was said, yet the after-story is that the reading blew these folks away with their accuracy.  And Jim Dougherty, in his 80’s, well, bless his heart anyway.

Why do I care?  For one, many of these self proclaimed psychics and mediums may indeed have a gift, but they don’t trust themselves enough to get out of their own way and develop it.  They’d rather give pre-packaged readings because most people settle for them.  When the truth is, if the medium would simply wait to speak until they’ve made a real connection, what they can give their client is a more authentic, fuller experience. 

And maybe surprise themselves with actually making contact, perhaps for the first time. But they don’t trust that they can actually do it, so they speak before they have made the connection.  And if they are speaking, they are not listening.  And if they’re not listening, they are not connected, plain and simple.

Another reason is that if someone is seeking real answers and real comfort and don’t get it, they will walk away thinking it is not possible, that is it not really available.  That really does a disservice to those who are seriously seeking guidance.  Or does it?  Don’t we attract what we get?  Doesn’t that include attracting someone less than qualified to help us figure it out?

My experience is that if I settle for the little sip of Truth, then that is all I will get.

When I ask the bigger questions and seek a longer drink to quench a deeper thirst, then I get that.

If I settle for very broad, general, vague readings, that’s all I’ll ever get because that’s all I will attract.

And I always know what my vibrational point of attraction is because the evidence is showing up in front of me every minute of every day.

So do I want to go to the ocean with a thimble or a big bucket?

Because that is the part I am in charge of.

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After note: After this post, I got several “comments” by people directing you to their website so they could teach you how to be intuitive or develop your gifts, for fees ranging in the hundreds to thousands of dollars.  I know not to just trust some random sales pitch from someone who knows how to write a good press release.  While I agree that training in focus and non resistance is essential, I think too much emphasis is often placed on learning specific techniques. Like anyone can pick up a bicycle and learn to get from point A to point B with it. Or you can train to be Lance Armstrong and do it technically perfect.  But you both get from point A to point B, just someone spent lots more time and money learning about it.  In my experience, often it is many years after someone has finished their “training” and gotten away from it that their gifts are able to come out.

Like anything else, you use the method to learn, then drop the method to do.

I’m just saying

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2 thoughts on “A “Seance” with Andy Kaufman and Marilyn Monroe; How Can You Know if a Psychic Medium is Really Connected To Your Loved One?

  1. Ernest Brejtfus

    I am curious as to how a spirit can maintain a memory since memories are stored in the flesh of our brains and Spirits have no fleshy parts

  2. Andrea Post author

    The simple answer is memories are stored in our “mind” and not in our physical brain. Touching parts of the brain can trigger certain memories and even muscles can retain memory, but everything is “stored” in our mind, not the brain.

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