Brothermine Has Hip Replacement Surgery; The Sibling Spidey Sense Goes Into Action

Brothermine Jerry

Wednesday, July 15, 2009. My brother Jerry had hip replacement surgery yesterday.  About 12:40pm I made a Facebook post: Call out for prayers, please. My brother Jerry is having hip replacement surgery today. Hold good thoughts of swift recovery please. Less than 10 minutes later he called to let me know he was out of surgery and all was well.  It turns out he had purposely told me the surgery was to be later in the afternoon.

My next Facebook post: 12:58pm dang, I’m not a very timely sister. He just called and said everything went fine. Well, since time is simply a mental construct, prayers in the Now also heal the past.

Next Facebook post: Neat, our sibling spidey sense at work – I had the idea to post the notes about my brother 15 minutes ago at the same time he awoke in recovery room after hip replacement surgery.  Neat that we can link up despite anesthesia!

And clearly that is what happened.  I was deep in the middle of final layout work on the magazine and really not giving any thought to his surgery.   I’m not a worrier, so for me it was business as usual.  Then suddenly I thought to make the Facebook post and to also add to my Facebook photo album a couple of posters I’d previously made. The first poster I drew for my brother Jerry I created in 2003 and did by hand.  We hadn’t seen each other from summer of 1966 until December 2002. The second poster I created on my computer in 2008.  I emailed it to the Staples stores in his hometown and ordered it printed on shiny paper 11 x 17 as a birthday present.

Unbeknownst to me, at the time I was putting the posters on Facebook, at that same time Jerry was coming out of the anesthesia and his first thought of course was to get to his phone to call and let me know the hip replacement surgery went fine.  Perfect synchronicity.

You know when you think of someone out of the blue?  So often when that happens, it is because they have thought of you, and you just tuned into the signal. If you pay attention every time it happens, it will begin to happen more and you will begin to be more aware in the moment of it.

And that’s the best thing to help you develop your own intuititve spidey sense, learning to become more aware in the moment.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Brothermine!

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