The World Needs More People Who Have Come Alive; Enthusiastic People Are Healthier

When I lived in Miami, I worked downtown and got caught in traffic both ways every day.  At 3:00am the drive would take me 20 minutes tops. But of course I didn’t make the drive at 3:00am.  I had to leave the house by 7:30 in the morning to get in the office by 9 o’clock.  If I could get my car out of the garage before 5:30pm, I could get home before 7:00 o’clock.  It used to aggravate me to waste so much time sitting in traffic.  Now it’s different.  For one, I’ve mellowed considerably and gotten over myself *smile*  Also, there is far less traffic in Melbourne/Palm Bay than there is in downtown Miami.  I can check voice mail while I wait; I can check my email while I wait.  Or I can recognize the perfect opportunity as a good time for a cell phone self portrait photo shoot.

I’ve already got great lighting with the bright sunny day outside.  I’ve got the time.  Why not?  I took a quick glance around to see who was sitting in traffic alongside me.  No one was paying any attention.  Not that I’d care.  I don’t care about stuff like that too much anymore.  I’ve learned being silly has its advantages, not the least of which is keeping me young and in motion.  Even science knowledges ‘Life Force’ Linked To Body’s Ability To Withstand Stress.

I did some regular smiling shots.  Then I remembered to pull the seatbelt out of the frame and took a few more.  Then I remembered I had my glasses on and so I took them off and took a few more.  I saw my sun hats lying on the seat next to me, so I put each one on and did a few mugs and kissy faces for the camera with them.

I checked the images I’d just shot and they were hilarious and ridiculous.  I took a few more while I was laughing.  I glanced at the car next to me and there was a family inside with 3 young kids just laughing and watching me like on tv.  I waved and took some shots of them, too.  Soon enough, the traffic moved along and it was back to cameraphone in purse, hands at ten and two.  What could have just been an annoying episode being stuck in traffic became a fun interlude in the day.  Because some of us saw the opportunity in the moment, despite circumstances, we were able to come alive and make the most of it.

A favorite quote of mine by Howard Thurman: Don’t ask yourself what the world needs from you. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that. For the world needs more people that have come alive.

Isn’t that the truth?  I’ve got several pals and clients who are doing the dating services online and they show me their profiles.  Some of them list very specific things they want in a mate:  They have to like cats/dogs.  They have to be a nonsmoker.  They have to like boating or reading or bowling.  Some men want a woman who looks good in a little black dress.  Some women want a man with hair. All these definite things they list, and sometimes it is a long list.

When they ask, I am happy to help them write their profile.  I suggest they realize that different people bring out different facets of their personality.  So no matter what you think your absolute type is, be open to variables.  Who’s to say you won’t find great connection with someone who lives a life completely unfamiliar to you?  Some thing you can’t even imagine right now?

Be open to variables.  Because all any of us want is to be around people who help us come alive.  When you meet someone you click with – and this is in any area of life, not just intimate relationships – you come alive.  You feel inspired.  The thoughts and ideas and creativity begin to flow.

So, don’t ask yourself what the world needs from you. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that. For the world needs more people that have come alive.

Become an explorer, and figure out what and who makes you come alive, then jump into it.

And ‘Life Force’ Linked To Body’s Ability To Withstand Stress

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